How To Have automatic answering machine in WhatsApp

With certain applications you can have an automatic answering machine in WhatsApp to program a series of automatic responses to your contacts, so that you do not have to open WhatsApp to answer them, but a message is sent without your intervention.

This can be very useful when you want to notify that you are on vacation , when you are busy and cannot look at WhatsApp or that it is simply a work account in which there are times when you cannot respond due to lack of time, for example .

Surely on many occasions you have not been able to respond to a WhatsApp message at the time for any reason. There are apps that allow you to create personalized messages to be sent automatically when someone sends you a message, so that the recipient gets a response, at least as if it were an answering machine.

With WhatsReply for Auto Reply

WhatsReply for Auto Reply is the app that we are talking about and that basically allows us to create a totally personalized message of up to 2,000 characters to be sent to our contacts when we know that we are not going to respond to their WhatsApp.

It is a free application for Android that allows any user to create personalized responses as an automatic answering machine on WhatsApp. It is a very easy way to notify that we are not on the phone at that moment and we are busy.

That message that we have previously created is sent a few seconds after our contact sent us the first message. It will also be sent every time we receive a message. To configure the sending of automatic messages, first you have to download the app:

  • Download WhatsReply for Auto Reply for Android

Now follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsReply for Auto Reply and grant it the necessary permissions, choose the “basic” option .
  • Now write the name of the answering machine , you can put the name you want since this does not influence the automatic answer, it is only to have it located.
  • Next, choose the apps for which you want to create that automatic response , you can mark WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and all those that appear there.
  • Then write the automatic message that will be sent, for example, “Hello, this is a meeting, now I cannot reply to you.”
  • The next step is to configure whether the message is going to be sent to everyone who speaks to you on WhatsApp (everyone) or to one or more specific people (someone). You can also check the option “enable groups” if you want the answering machine to be used for group messages.
  • To finish, click on the date down and voila, you will be able to close the window so that the answer of the answer is correctly configured.

WhatsReply for Auto Reply is a very useful app in many cases since it allows you to configure any message at any time for those situations in which you cannot reply to the different messages that come to your WhatsApp.

Keep something in mind, if you want to schedule WhatsApp messages , you do have to use other apps since it would not be the same, apps like WhatsReply for Auto Reply what they do is send an automated message as if it were an answering machine once one arrives. , while the option to schedule is to send a message at a certain time.


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