How to get a rusty strand in Nier Replicant

Just like in any good action RPG, all of Nier Replicant’s weapons can be upgraded, and you’ll have to upgrade throughout the game to keep up with the enemies you encounter. Each weapon upgrade requires different materials in addition to gold, and some of the more powerful weapons require a particular material. Here is how to get Rusted Clump on Nier Replicant .

How to get a rusty strand in Nier Replicant

Rusted Clump is required to upgrade many of Nier Replicant’s weapons to their highest levels, such as Blade of Betrayal, Iron Pipe, and Iron Will.

Although you come across Rusted Clump throughout the game at random locations, it is cultivated exclusively by fishing. You should be able to find it in any body of water using a bait that is not applied to that water source. For example: if you use Carp, a freshwater bait, as bait to fish in a saltwater source such as the ocean facing the sea, it will make a rusty lock look like there are no fish. The bait won’t go away.

We had the best chance of raising Rusted Clump in places like the wilderness and the northern plains. You can fish off the dock next to the speed boat in the desert and on the lake south of the Junk Heap inlet on the North Downs.

In addition to being used as upgrade material, it should be noted that such pools are worth 1,100 gold each when sold, so they are good for making quick cash.

This is all you need to know how to get Rusted Clump on Nier’s Replicator . Be sure to research dlprivateserver or check out our wiki guide for more tips and information on the game.

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