The convenience of food delivery apps can be further improved if we know how to get discount coupons at Uber Eats . On several websites you can find codes that will allow you to save a few euros on your orders, and more and more users are discovering them and optimizing their accounts even more by using them. The advantage is twofold: in addition to finding that whim that we want for lunch (or dinner), if we add a small percentage of discount it tastes even better.

In order to get some more than interesting discounts, the first thing we recommend is to follow Uber on their social networks. On their Twitter and Facebook profiles they have not published an offer for a long time, but the treasure chest is right now on their Instagram , where they are beginning to publish discounts and promotions . This account is starting up and has few followers, so hurry up and be on the lookout before it goes mainstream and you start to hit the brakes.

Another method to get discounts on Uber Eats is by inviting friends , since if they register through the link that we send them through the application, it will reward us with discounts on our next orders.


You are in luck, because in addition to your own promotions we are going to present you the best websites with free discounts for Uber Eats . There are several pages that collect discount codes and not only from Uber Eats , but from all kinds of applications. The most popular are the traditional ones that we have already talked about in numerous articles in the past.

At you have at your disposal a large number of discount codes and special offers from Uber Eats. You can filter promotions by discarding those that are already expired, and even so it is likely that some are beyond your control and are no longer valid, but we are sure that you will find a code with a discount that is worth it.

The second website that we recommend is , where we have found tremendous offers, up to 75% off. Again, not all codes are guaranteed to still be active, but it’s all about testing. If you are also a recently registered user in Uber Eats , rest assured that there will be some useful promotion waiting for you.

Other well-known discount coupon pages such as Groupon also include Uber Eats offers , but in this case you have to pay (one or two euros) to get the discount.


Once we get our discount coupon, we are interested in knowing how to use the discount codes at Uber Eats in the application. To take advantage of them, when we have chosen our order, click on ‘Pay’ and then look for the option ‘Add a promotion’. Then, at the top of the screen we will see the message ‘Enter the code’, and it will take us to a screen where we can add the promotion.

Once we click on ‘Add promotion’, we will see a confirmation message with the discount we have obtained , and we can confirm that fantastic order saving us extra money that will come in handy … Possibly for future orders at Uber Eats. Enjoy your meal!


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