How to get coupons or promotional discount codes at CornerShop?

CornerShop has managed to become popular and little by little it is becoming one of the best delivery applications. In addition, you can get coupons or promotional discount codes to save with each purchase.

How to Get Coupons or Promotional Discount Codes at CornerShop

The CornerShop mobile app allows users to make purchases from the market, pharmacy or other associated stores using only their mobile phone. It works like other delivery companies , but here you can schedule the shipment of the products to receive it in an hour or the next day.

The reason for the recent popularity of CornerShop is due to the shopping experience it provides to the user. You can buy all the products you need just as you would and save money thanks to the promotions that it has similar to the delivery company Rappi.


  • How to get coupons or promotional discount codes at CornerShop?
  • How can I get discount codes for CornerShop?

How to get coupons or promotional discount codes at CornerShop?

Just by using the CornerShop application and recommending it to others, you have the possibility of receiving money. They have a great referral system that generates income to use it in your purchases.

How does the CornerShop referral system work?

You must refer the application through a link . You share the link with a friend and after he places his first order, you will receive a money bonus in your account.

How do I share the CornerShop link?

  • Enter the appfrom your mobile phone, if you don’t have it download it from the store
  • Click on the avatar of your account
  • Choose the Sharesection to get the link
  • Copy the link or share it with your friendson social networks

How do I redeem the credits obtained with the CornerShop referral system?

  • Access your CornerShop account from the app
  • Select your account avatar
  • Choose the Credits sectionto change them

How can I get discount codes for CornerShop?

There is another alternative to save money with purchases at CornerShop and it is through the pages dedicated to publishing discount codes and promotions. These pages offer discount coupons for various companies such as Glovo and every month they offer a limited amount of coupons that can be exchanged in the app instantly.

Where can I find the discount codes?

It’s simple, you just have to enter “Discount codes for CornerShop” in the search engine and the first search results will direct you to the most popular discount pages . Click on any of them and check that the discount suits what you are looking for.

Among the most popular pages are Millennium Discount, El Periodico Coupons and UseCupon. They offer promotions of free shipping in a month or discounts in the different stores associated with CornerShop.

Although it is a very attractive alternative, it is limited coupons that sell out quickly. At other times the coupon does not work because the promotion has already expired.

Using CornerShop for the first time

If you are not yet familiar with the application, don’t worry. Check that it is available for your region to start using it.

  • Download the mobile app from the Android Play Store or from the Apple App Store
  • Launch the app and sign up
  • Enter the access dataand your personal information
  • Add your address so that CornerShop will show you which of its associated stores are near you
  • Find the products that interest you in the catalog and add them to the shopping cart
  • When you finish, go to the cart to complete the purchase and enter the payment methodof your choice
  • Define when you want the product to arrive and wait for it to arrive from the comfort of your home

The Shopper will receive your order and will take care of making the purchase . If he does not get a product, he will contact you through the application to inform you if you want a replacement or decide not to take it.

At the end of the purchase, they will contact you again to check that they have everything they need or if you are going to add a new product to the purchase. You can also choose if you want that same person to take the purchase to your address.


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