How to get a promotional discount code on Amazon

Amazon not only offers users greater convenience when making purchases, but also hides several advantages that can help you save a few euros. Getting a promotional discount code on Amazon is quite easy for veteran users, but for newcomers this article will present some guidelines to keep in mind to locate them.

In the application itself it is possible to find discount codes , sometimes they are very present and other times they are somewhat hidden. For example, at the time of writing this article, just by accessing the Amazon Fresh section we find a code for 30 euros off three purchases.

We can also locate the discounts by accessing the Amazon discount coupon section . We can find it by scrolling down a little on the main screen of the application or on the horizontal banner that appears in it. There you can find some discounts to apply when buying specific items.

How promotional codes are used on Amazon

It is normal to have some doubts about how promotional codes are used on Amazon , since some have to be entered by the user when processing the purchase and others are already applied by the platform automatically, with all discounts included appearing in the final price.

To enter a promotional code in your Amazon purchase you will have to start the usual purchase process by clicking on the item you want to purchase and then on ‘Add to cart’. When accessing the basket, we will have to go to ‘Process order’ and on that screen look for the box in which to enter the discount code that we want to add. Once added, the final price of the item in question will be reduced if the code is valid.

Where to get promotional codes and discounts for Amazon

It is also possible to find Amazon discount codes on the discount pages of the main newspapers in Spain ( El País , El Mundo , La Vanguardia , 20 Minutos , etc.). Of course, the vast majority of the only thing they do is direct links to Amazon items that include the offer.

In addition to the application itself, where to get promotional codes and discounts for Amazon is another of the great doubts of users. The vast majority of the offers will be found within Amazon, obviously, but that does not prevent specialized bargain pages such as Chollometro, or Chollers from including some discounts on the platform.

What is an Amazon discount code generator? Is it reliable?

Some pages are presented as discount generators, but this concept can be confusing for many users who do not know what an Amazon discount code generator is. Is it reliable?

The answer depends on the website that offers this presumed generation of codes. Some of them are presented as generators, but they do nothing more than replicate links to Amazon offers , just as the discount pages that we have specified in the previous point already do.

Other websites are much less reliable, since they are plagued with malvertising that can put at risk the device that the user is using and their supposed codes do not work when trying to redeem them on Amazon. In no case should the buyer provide their data on this type of page, neither those of Amazon nor those of their card.



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