Why Telegram downloads files slowly

If you have been sent a document by Telegram and it takes too long to download, you are probably wondering why Telegram downloads files slowly . But usually the cause has nothing to do with the application itself.

Most likely, it is a connection problem , that is, the speed of the network you are connected to is slower than would be desirable.

If this is the problem, then anything related to your Internet connection is likely to be slow.

Another reason why downloading files might be slow is that there is very little internal storage on your smartphone, which slows down speed and performance.

When a mobile has too little free space, we encounter performance problems. Among those that can happen is that the download of a file on Telegram is slow or even that it cannot be completed, because the file is too large and we do not have enough space for it.

How to download Telegram files faster

If you want to know how to download files from Telegram faster , the first thing we recommend is that you delete files from your smartphone. As we have explained, having little available space reduces the download speed.

Therefore, the key may be to eliminate those memes that came to you through WhatsApp or Telegram itself but that you are no longer interested in or delete those applications that you installed once and never opened again. With this you will not only make Telegram file downloads faster, but also improve the overall performance of your smartphone so that it works better.

In the event that it is a connection problem, it is also recommended that when we are trying to download a file, especially if the size is very large, we are connected to a WiFi network that is as stable as possible.

Why do downloads stop on Telegram?

If you wonder why the downloads on Telegram stop , it is most likely because we have a connection problem. If at any time our phone stops being connected to the Internet, the download will not be able to continue and will stop. Therefore, this can happen when our WiFi network does not work well or when we are in an area without coverage.

There is also a possibility that you have activated the power saving mode on your phone. In this case, to try not to run out of battery before you can plug it in, the downloads that were being made will be paralyzed.

It can also happen that just in the middle of the download the storage space has been exhausted , so it could not be finished as there is nowhere to save it.

How to disable slow mode in Telegram

Telegram’s slow mode makes the messages in the groups play gradually, so that it is easier to follow the conversations. However, this has nothing to do with the speed of downloading files , so they will not download faster if you have it disabled.

In any case, if you are wondering how to disable slow mode in Telegram , you will only have to put the name of the group. If you are an administrator of it, you will see that a pencil-shaped icon appears. In the menu that appears, you must enter Permission. And when you enter slow mode, you will have to slide the controller until it reaches No, so that the mode is disabled.

Remember that slow mode can only be disabled by group admins . So if you’re in a group managed by others you won’t have the option to remove it.


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