How to put a long name on Stumble Guys

If you’ve played many games of Stumble Guys, you may have come across players with endless names. Getting a long name in Stumble Guys is difficult because the game limits the length of names. Here we show you how these players do it.

The first thing we must clarify is that to change our name in Stumble Guys we must pay 100 green gems . Of course, the first change is free. However, the important thing is that the game limits the username extension to 12 characters . Knowing the latter, by long name we mean a name longer than 12 characters.

To change the name , we will click on the upper right corner, from the main menu, where our name is seen and next to it a pencil. This will take us to the Profile menu. Within Profile we will click on the pencil to open a box where we can change the name. We must introduce the new name, which must be limited between 4 and 12 characters.

As for how to put a long name in Stumble Guys, we are sorry to tell you that it is impossible to do it legally. Users with long names modify the game code or use APKs, or mods , to get past the 12-character barrier. Stumble Guys establishes a limit to prevent games from collapsing, since if we all used long names, we would not see the characters and scenarios, but an alphabet soup.

Codes to name colors in Stumble Guys

Many players have noticed that others have color names that make them stand out during the game, so they wonder about the codes for naming colors in Stumble Guys . After covering how to make a long name in Stumble Guys, we will unravel the truth about how to change the color of our name in-game.

Sadly the codes “<color=red>”, “<color=blue> or “<#f00>” do not work . Theoretically they serve and allow us to see our name in red, or the color entered, but when clicking on Accept, we are told that it is too long. This is because the game counts the code as part of the name, exceeding 12 characters by merging the code and the name.

But, <color=red> and a letter would not exceed 12 characters. It’s true, but you’re not the only player who has noticed. Most of these names are already taken , which do not exceed 12 characters in total, so we cannot use them either. You can check all the combinations, but it is practically impossible for the game to accept any. This happens for both the Android version and the iPhone version .

Anyway, there are players who have the name red, orange or green without using cheats . The truth is that these players meet special requirements. The official Stumble Guys Discord answers what conditions each color is associated with. We summarize each one below:

  • Red : Users with the red name are part of the creators program. We are referring to streamers or youtubers who upload Stumble Guys content. To be part of the program, you must be incorporated by those responsible for the game. Unfortunately, as stated on Discord, no further requests to join the creators program are currently being accepted.
  • Orange : Users with the orange name are Stumble Guys moderators. If you find one, it means that you are dealing with someone with the ability to intervene in the security of the game. Their presence is one of the reasons why mods are not recommended, as matching them in a match will put your account at risk.
  • Green : Users with the green name are those who have won ranked tournaments . This means that they are surely one of the best players in the game.

In short, knowing how to put a long name on Stumble Guys is lawfully unfeasible . Putting your color name is possible, but you will have to be a great player, be part of the creator program or belong to the Stumble Guys moderator team.


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