How to get 15x scope in PUBG Mobile

One of PUBG Mobile’s biggest updates, update 1.0, arrives on September 8, 2020. The game is massively improved, with better and smoother graphics and new content, led by the complete overhaul of the Erangel map. Understandably, all the excitement and hype is centered around the Erangel 2.0 map… however, there are other new features worth noting. In this article, we would explain How to get 15x scope in PUBG Mobile.

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What is the 15x range?

The full name of the 15x scope is “15x PM II Scope”, it is a real telescope in normal PUBG, which is only produced in airports. This viewer can get even closer than the CQBSS 8x, the most powerful viewer in PUBG Mobile, allowing for extreme range . The 15x is best used with high speed bullet weapons like the Mini14 or the AWM . Due to its very strong zoom, the viewfinder is super difficult to control and swings easily. It’s best to keep a spare sight in your inventory to swap out for a short-range one when using this.

The 15x doesn’t actually have a 15x magnification at all, it widens your field of view up to 6.67 degrees, which is closer to 12x.

15x viewer coming to PUBG Mobile

Since the scope already exists in the original PUBG, it’s only a matter of time. The reason for its exclusion from the game is probably due to technical difficulties, as 15x would require much more processing power, and your screen would have to render scenes from much further away. With the PUBG Mobile team being super professional, the chance of this being an accidental reveal or visual error is super low.


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What is the role of the 15x scope in PUBG Mobile?

Generally, this scope is used to further increase players’ ability to crouch, due to it being one of the only Airdrops accessories. Snipers with a 15x could make a much more precise attack and scout at a much greater range . However, it definitely comes at a cost, as the scope is much more difficult to control, even worse than the 8x. You would probably have to use another tandem scope for close range combat.

The addition of this scope makes snipers even stronger in matches and rewards skilled players even more, as mastering this scope is not an easy feat. Now you can have the same shooting experience as PC gamers, with the ability to catch your enemy completely out of nowhere. As you can see in the image, the enemy would not be able to discern where the bullet is coming from.

Trick to convert the 3x telescope into 15x

There is a strange glitch that can be used to convert the 3x telescope to 15x. It is very specific, however you would have to do this exact sequence of action for it to work. First, you would have to get the Kar98k equipped with an 8x telescope and the M416, with a non-equipped 3x telescope, along with an extended fast charger.

Then you would have to start racing and equip the M416 with the 3x and the extended quickdraw. Drop the Kar98k from your inventory and then pick it up again. Recharge the Kar98k. The M416 would then have a higher magnification, similar to 15x.


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