How to fix iTunes error 3259 on my PC

Having a computer is being able to have a window to the rest of the world, even to distant parts of the universe, so it is understandable that it has become a device so used by most of the people. Through one of these you can work much more efficiently, have all kinds of entertainment and even get to access the information of what you want.

It is truly a most wonderful device that has changed the way we interact with each other, watch the news, and even how we do business or search for jobs.

Whatever comes to mind, it can most likely be done with a computer, so don’t be surprised that it’s the main tool to catapult us to a better tomorrow.

But, it is not a topic to get too many ideas, since it is totally feasible to use your computer for hours and hours of leisure, or whatever it is that satisfies you as a person. In fact, you can access the internet or use its screen to be able to go online and watch movies, play video games and much more.

But, if there is an activity that has changed enormously due to the appearance of the computer, it is being able to listen to music regularly. Before it could only be done through a large player, which could even be expensive, but now with a computer you can even have all your music in a convenient digital format.

To listen to this music , many tend to choose iTunes as their preferred player, and why not? But it happens that even a player as solid as iTunes can have small errors, such as error 3259 , which we will talk about next, including its solution.

Why does this error occur?

Using iTunes is quite a comfortable experience, only due to the interface that is quite clean and easy to navigate. Of course, we must also take into account how we can buy music, order it and how the player is heard through our speakers / headphones.

But, as with any program, iTunes can present some problems when using it that can be somewhat annoying, as happens with error 3259 . If you use iTunes regularly, you may have seen it before, but it is not something to be afraid of, as it is not a serious problem and can be easily fixed.

First, you must be clear that this error is due to the fact that a security program, basically a type of firewall, is interfering with the connection that is generated between iTunes and its main server. Perhaps you have seen it happen when you want to access some online property of the program, or the program itself tries to do so.

And, contrary to what many people say, this is a problem that does not have much to do with the operating system, since it can happen in both Windows and macOS.

Fixing error 3259

Although we previously told you that the problem is mainly due to a firewall that interferes with the iTunes connection , you must bear in mind that there are other small details that can influence.

To begin, you should fix the time and date of your computer , because if it does not match that of the iTunes servers, it will not connect.

In addition, you can try entering iTunes itself as administrator , or update the version of your iTunes or your operating system to ensure that it is not a bad connection error related to an old version of either of these two.

If this does not work and if your connection is perfect, we recommend that you update your antivirus and disable it and the firewall of the PC to try again, and if you see that this is the error, it is recommended that you put iTunes on a list of exception in either of the two.


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