How to download and get the carte blanche game for Microsoft Windows

Today’s video games come in all shapes and sizes that we can imagine; given that there are some that come from large studios that are publicized for months before their launch, while others are much smaller, from independent studios trying to make a name in the industry.

There is really no way to cross out either of these two streams in this medium, since just as there are so-called ‘AAA’ games that simply don’t measure up to the current industry, there are some independent video games that are really good, being acclaimed. for the severe criticism unanimously as well as for its players.

However, this is a medium that only grows and grows, and in the midst of the confusion of its growth and the uncontrolled sales across different platforms, sometimes it is worth not buying one of those extremely expensive and finished games. go out, but it’s pretty cool to go straight to buy a standalone game.

Often times, these games become much cheaper and even better produced, and with a little bit of monetary encouragement, the developer studio is told that they should create another. It is from this point that important franchises such as Super Meat Boy were born .

But, as we mentioned this, you should know that buying a basic game is not a bad thing either, since sometimes we do not want to play something complicated, full of levels, statistics, characters and text. Many times, it is best to go for something a little simpler and more classic, such as pinball, an arcade-style game, or even cards.

Playing cards is something that doesn’t hurt anyone, and Windows always knew how to handle this in its card games. And if today you want to play them again, you have the option to download all the games of the same style that they had for you through the Microsoft Solitaire Collection .

Downloading Microsoft Solitaire Collection

For several versions of Windows back , Windows users could spend hours doing one thing: playing cards. From the factory, or together with the installation of Windows, came a series of programs for entertainment, games that consisted of several card games, such as solitaire, carte blanche or spider.

All these games became attractive to many people, and they were really a lot of fun, but since the release of Windows 10, you do not always have the opportunity to be able to play these games from the factory since some versions of Windows 10 do not bring it, but you always have the option of downloading it.

Today all these classic card games have been put together in a collection called Microsoft Solitaire Collection , and it is possible to get hold of it if you are a Windows 10 user.

You have two options to download it, the first is by googling the collection and downloading it through the official Microsoft website, or by entering the Windows applications store to get hold of it.

Neither process is really too complicated, and it will undoubtedly keep you extremely happy and satisfied considering the games you have.

What games come with the Microsoft Solitaire Collection?

Miscrosoft Solitaire Collection is the answer to all those Windows users who require a little bit of simple idle at a time.

If you download it, you will be able to get hold of all those classic Windows games like solitaire (in this case Klondike), Spider, a version of carte blanche called FreeCell and many more. Basically, it will give you everything you need to be able to play the card games you need without getting too boring.


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