How to fix Google Maps if it shows wrong locations on Android

In terms of location services, we have  the Google Maps application  , one of the most used and with a significant number of downloads today.

If you are using it, but for some reason it shows you the wrong location, you may have problems when making a trip or using another application that depends on it. That is why if you are going through this situation, we at Look how to do it are going to leave you the various ways to solve it.

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  1. How to fix if Google Maps shows wrong location from Android?
    1. Using Live View
    2. Restart the mobile device
    3. Activate high precision
    4. Enable WiFi and Bluetooth search
    5. Calibrate the compass
  2. How to report an incorrect Google Maps location and be able to correct it on Android?

How to fix if Google Maps shows wrong location from Android?

If the Google Maps application is showing you an erroneous location , we will leave you several methods that are super simple to apply and fast because it will not take more than 6 minutes, with any of these methods you will be able to solve the problem, and thus the accuracy of your location will remain. improved.

Using Live View

The first method that we are going to leave you with is through Live View, a function incorporated within the Google Maps application itself and to use it, follow the steps that we will show you below.

  1. On your personal phone with Android system, first of all you must locate the Google Maps application and click on it to open it.
  2. Type a place in the search bar at the top of the screen or simply tap a location on the map.
  3. Now click on said location and then on the option to calibrate through Live View,this is a representative with a blue circular icon.
  4. Some small instructions will appear on the screen, you just have to follow them.
  5. Ready your location will be automatically accommodated, it becomes much more accurate as it collects other data.

Restart the mobile device

How many times do we not solve the problems that we present in our phone just by restarting it, this time is not the exception, we recommend that you restart the device, since it can be a simple application error, then when the phone is turned on again, the application will remain Google Maps will be like new again.

Activate high precision

In general, high precision is always activated, although if you are experiencing the problem that Google Maps shows incorrect locations, then it is worth verifying that high precision is activated. To do this you must go to configuration, once there look for the option that says location, check the location services if it is active.

Once you are in the location section, you will see a mode option, press on it and set it to High. This will use your Wi-Fi, GPS or mobile networks, to give a more accurate location, whether outdoors or indoors.

Previously, this that we have just mentioned consumed a lot of the phone’s battery, but over time it has reviewed so many updates that it has been optimizing and currently no longer consumes the battery.

Enable WiFi and Bluetooth search

Another method to solve this problem is to enable the search with Wi-Fi and also with Bluetooth and for this you will have to follow these small steps.

  1. As in the previous part, you must go to the configuration or settings of your personal phone.
  2. Once there you can see several options, you must select the one that says location.
  3. When you are in the location section, to improve accuracy, you must select the one that says with wifi and also with Bluetooth.
  4. In this way both configurations will use the two connectivity modes already mentioned even if you have them disabled at that moment, and thus the accuracy is completely improved.

Calibrate the compass

If the Google Maps app is showing you the wrong location, Google will usually recommend   that you calibrate the compass .

In a few words, you can do it after you open the Google Maps application, although it should be noted that you have to have the GPS activated. But in case you are not sure how it is done, then click on the blue point of the location and then select calibrate compass.

You will have to make a small figure 8 tour in the air with your phone, you must repeat it three times. When the accuracy of the compass is correct, at the bottom of the window, a small announcement will appear indicating that the accuracy is high.

With these methods that we have just mentioned, the error should have been solved; however, if you are still experiencing the same issue.

It could be because the Google Maps app is not up to date, so go to the Play Store and check that there is no update. You can also clear the cache of your Google Maps device and with only this the problem can be solved.

How to report an incorrect Google Maps location and be able to correct it on Android?

If you apply everything we mentioned and Google Maps still shows an incorrect location, then you can report the error to Google, and in this way you will help the service to work correctly.

To report this error to Google, it is done from the same application, to do this just click on the blue point of the location and then the option to notify a problem or error you can select between three options which are:

  • The blue point is located at more than 100 meters.
  • The blue point is located less than 150 m.
  • Or simply the bluedot option is pointing to the wrong location.
  • Once you click on next, a box will appear where you can add a text where you explain in more detail the problem you are presenting.


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