How to ask for Alexa TV shows

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to ask Alexa for TV shows ? And maybe have some additional information on video about the echo show? The beauty of the devices with voice assistant is that in some way they simplify your life and so why not use them as well to know the television programs?

In this guide I will explain how to know the TV programs with Alexa using the best skill available for this voice assistant, that is the TV super guide skill .


  • Enable TV super guide skill on Alexa
  • How to ask for Alexa TV shows

Enable TV super guide skill on Alexa

I had already talked to you in this article about the wonderful Superguida TV app , judging it as the best application available for ios and android to learn about TV programs from your smartphone.

Superguida TV developers have created a skill for Alexa that allows you to know the television schedule of the main national television channels. Actually Alexa, without any app, is able to provide some information on television programs but in a very coarse and not always precise way; for this reason it is recommended to enable this skill to know Alexa TV programs.

The TV superguide skill will offer you many useful features including the ability to automatically insert reminders for the start of the broadcasts you want to see.

To enable TV superguide, Open the Alexa application from your mobile and click on the button with three lines at the top left. Select skills and games ; in the Search box write superguidaTV and press enter , then click on the Superguida TV skill.

At this point, just click on the Enable use button and on the next screen click on Save permissions and the skill is ready to be used.

Done, the skill is ready for use and you can immediately use it to learn about Alexa TV programs.

How to ask for Alexa TV shows

Now that the skill has been enabled on Alexa you just have to use it! You can open the skill with voice command

” Alexa, open TV superguide ”

You can ask for any channel what is broadcast at a certain time. Eg:

“ Alexa, what’s on Channel 5 at 9pm? 

Or you can see what is proposed by the various channels in the evening

” Alexa, what’s on TV tonight “

The guide will provide you with the details of the program broadcast on that channel with all the various previews and the plot (for the movies).

For Amazon echo devices equipped with a screen (echo show and echo dot) the TV superguide skill also provides video images of the program or film you are viewing, making consultation even more enjoyable.

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