How to fix error 0x000000007b on your Windows

Every computer, whether laptop or desktop, has a BIOS, which is a card that stores the data necessary to boot the system. In this data are those of the hard disk, if there is a connection problem between the BIOS and your hard disk , the error 0x000000007b will be displayed.

It is very common to use an IDE connection and for the BIOS to have a SATA configuration, this generates a conflict in which it shows the blue screen of error 0x000000007b , this is generated by a virus or a failure in the system restore, among others.

You have to be careful when deleting or altering this type of configuration in the BIOS, since there are a large number of problems that will appear as error 0xc00000021a in Windows or other related errors, these types of errors are not solved by restarting the PC On the contrary, it is very likely that all the information will be lost at times.

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  1. What should you do to eliminate the error 0x000000007b in Windows?
    1. Access the safe mode of your computer
    2. If you installed a new hard drive, you have to undo the change
    3. Check that your hard drive is properly installed
    4. Check the SCSI string of your computer
  2. Another possible cause and solution of the error 0x000000007b

What should you do to eliminate the error 0x000000007b in Windows?

It is very common to find the error 0x000000007b when changing an operating system or upgrading to Windows 10 or 11, since the SysWOW64 and System32 files are overwritten, and they are found on your hard drive for managing applications or games.

It is always recommended to install the basic components such as the net framework, Microsoft visual C ++, and the directx, from the official website. Of course, if your error already showed the blue screen of death and progressed, you must perform other actions to continue. For instance:

Access the safe mode of your computer

Entering as the safe method is a good option since we can run the troubleshooter that will start the repair process automatically, finding and solving any problem. To do it you just have to:

  1. Turn on your computer and press the F8 key to display the options menu.
  2. Choose safe mode or troubleshoot depending on your version of Windows.
  3. Proceed to repair your startup either using an external drive or clicking on the option directly if you use Windows 10.

It is important to know that when using a bootable CD / DVD or USB to install Windows, the wizard shows you two options, you can install the system or repair it, of course it is recommended to repair since the objective is to solve the BIOS communication problem with the Disk .

If you installed a new hard drive, you have to undo the change

Since the 0x000000007b error occurs when there is no communication between your BIOS and the hard drive, it is very common for it to show up if you install a new hard drive . It is recommended to undo this change since if the error is displayed in the same way you will not be able to use your PC.

Once the disk has been changed again, you must follow the instructions on how to install it correctly. Do not use adapters in the installation , look at the differences between HDD and SSD disk and check that it is in good condition, as this causes installation failure.

Check that your hard drive is properly installed

The connection of a hard disk is of the SATA or IDE type, if your BIOS has a SATA configured and then you put an IDE on it, there will be no communication between the components , it is recommended to reset the BIOS and proceed to install an operating system from 0, with the purpose that no failures arise in the future.

Check the SCSI string of your computer

Verifying the SCSI chain is very important since if your computer does not allow you to execute any of the aforementioned processes, it is possible that a connection on the motherboard is not correct , check all connections, if possible disconnect clean and reconnect.

This is a safe and recommended process before executing any system repair , since sometimes a connection is usually dropped due to a blow to the PC, in the same way you can consult Microsoft’s technical support in order to find a solution to the error 0x000000007b.

Another possible cause and solution of the error 0x000000007b

One cause that has happened a lot is that viruses are added in the boot sector and we cannot enter even with the safe mode. The solution is to use a bootable drive with Windows Defender installed, boot from CD / DVD or USB, and the virus cleaning process takes care of everything automatically.

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