How to fix error 0x8004005 in Windows?

Windows is one of the operating systems most used by users since it has applications for anything, but this can be a problem since there are so many that it is very common to find problems when installing them. For example the error 0x8004005 means that we do not have access to a program , service or some device.

It is very common that we need to install programs on our Windows PC , whether for office automation, design, programming, among others, but our antivirus sometimes blocks files from it, which causes failures during installation. In other words , the programs are not installed correctly , therefore the error 0x8004005 appears indicating that we do not have access to it.

In the same way, with services, for example Outlook, which is responsible for receiving messages but also notifications, and the antivirus blocks them, which causes the error to be displayed. Of course the solution is to disable the antivirus temporarily while reinstalling the program that showed the error.

If for some reason you cannot delete or uninstall Windows programs , then it is because it has locked a base system file itself. Likewise, the error 0x80004005 can appear if there is a failure in the activation of a program or service. In other words, the software was installed correctly but when it was activated a file was blocked that denies us access .

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  1. What causes your computer to suffer from this error in Windows?
  2. How can you fix error code 0x8004005?
    1. When using Outlook
    2. If you are unzipping files
    3. When you install a software
    4. Due to network problems

What causes your computer to suffer from this error in Windows?

The main reason why this type of error occurs, which is failure to access a program, service or any device that was tried to install, it is very common for our antivirus to pass some fundamental files of the program that is being installed to the quarantine section, if it is a heavy software it is recommended to deactivate the antivirus before installing it.

Also if there is a failure in the network some services will not work , which will show the error 0x80004005. Here are the most common causes in which your computer shows this error:

  • Install a Windows update from the system interface and not using boot.
  • When installing a program of considerable weight.
  • Establishing a new network connection having others.
  • When accessing shared resources on the internet.
  • When receiving emails from Outlook.
  • Using virtual machine applications.
  • When unzipping.

How can you fix error code 0x8004005?

First you must identify where the error arises , in this way you can use an effective solution since there are several. If the failure is due to a service it is necessary to verify the network, if it is a program you will have to perform different methods. Next we will show you a possible solution according to where the error 0x80004005 was displayed:

When using Outlook

If error 0x80004005 is displayed when you receive an email in Outlook, deactivate your antivirus , since many of them, according to the models, block the reception of messages for security reasons, then to verify that this is not the reason, deactivate it, then update the page and receives a message in order to check that everything is solved.

If you are unzipping files

If an error occurs when unzipping files, it is because the program you are using is not compatible with it. In other words, the file is compressed by batches using an AES-128 version or any other and it is not integrated into your program. The solution is simple, you just have to use another application , in the case of ZIP compressed files, you can use WinZip or 7zip, which are open source with many supported batch options.

When you install a software

The main reason is because installation files are missing , this is very common when software is downloaded from the internet and it does not download completely, a solution is to download it again, and verify that the size published on the page is the same as the file size. installation after downloaded.

It is always recommended to download program files from reliable sites, and if they are software that have a better official site, if everything goes well with the installation file, then you should check the firewall , the antivirus, and even the Windows defender since It is very common for some Windows feature to block a file while it is installed , and you have disabled notifications you will not notice.

Due to network problems

According to the type of network, whether public or private, it allows some access to be blocked , which shows us the error 0x80004005. To solve it you just have to:

  1. Open the control panel.
  2. Go to “Network and Sharing Center”.
  3. Where it says “See active networks” select the one that gives you problems and with the right click it enters its properties.
  4. Check the boxes “Client for Microsoft Networks” and “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.”
  5. Click on “OK” to save the changes and that’s it.

An important fact that you should know is that you can directly diagnose a problem in the network just by clicking on the option, since Windows does not offer to solve problems automatically for many functions and the network is one of them, in the same way You can consult Windows technical support in order to find a solution to this error produced on your PC.

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