How to fix blue screen error ‘0xC00021A’ in Windows 10 and 8

In the event that you have the ‘0xC00021A’ error, we recommend reading this guide in which you will learn how to fix the blue screen error code ‘0xC00021A’ in Windows 10 and 8 . On the other hand, we have various guides for this type of problem, such as the ‘verifying Dmi Pool Data’ error and many more.

What is the error ‘0xC00021A’

On many occasions the error ‘0xC00021A’ has been cited as appearing when the Winlogon.exe and Csrss.exe system files fail. The above are very important files for the proper functioning of Windows, so a failure of them makes it impossible to continue using the computer.


The Winlogon.exe file fulfills very important tasks for Windows, in fact, if there are several users on the computer and changes are made, the software intervenes directly. Indeed, Winlogon.exe is responsible for loading the files of each of the profiles of our system, as well as other relevant tasks


The Csrss.exe file has appeared in Windows from its earliest versions, today the file is said to control aspects of the Windows console and the shutdown process. Certainly its functions are very important for the correct operation of the system.

Causes of the ‘0xC00021A’ error

One of the main causes of this annoying inconvenience is the appearance of malicious programs . Viruses are often created specifically to affect the Winlogon.exe and Csrss.exe executables, which, as we mentioned before, are essential for the proper functioning of the computer.

In short, the most possible cause for the error ‘0xC00021A’ to appear is the presence of a virus. In any case, others may be the causes, in fact, a blackout is also capable of corrupting certain files on the hard drive , as is the case with those mentioned before.

There are several reasons why this error appears, but no matter which one is affecting you, we will point out some possible solutions for this problem. But first, it is recommended that you clean and speed up your PC with Advanced SystemCare .

How to fix blue screen error ‘0xC00021A’ in Windows 10 and 8

Here are some of the simplest solutions to fix the ‘0xC00021A’ error. Read carefully to find the solution and stop this annoying blue screen from appearing.

Boot into safe mode

Understanding that this problem usually prevents entering the system, it will be necessary to boot in safe mode. The process to boot into this mode is simple, just turn off the computer directly from the button on the cabinet. Go through this process several times.

After doing this, the Windows start menu should appear, which you will recognize as a typical blue background screen. Here you should select “Troubleshoot” and then go to the “Startup Settings” option . After that, just click on the “Restart” button.

After the above, the system will boot in safe mode, here we recommend uninstalling any suspicious software that you think may have caused the problem.

Activate automatic repair

For this it will be necessary to create a Bootable USB drive with Windows , after carrying out this process, boot directly from the USB. In other words, this process will be similar to installing Windows from scratch , only this time we are looking to repair the computer.

Wait until the installer starts and then all you need to do is go to “Repair your computer.” In this section go to “Advanced Options” and locate the “Automatic Repair” option . After this process Windows will analyze each of the files that make up the operating system and will seek to repair those that could be damaged.


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