How to fix 100% disk usage issue on Windows 11

How to fix 100% disk usage issue on Windows 11.The hard drive is one of the fundamental parts to be able to use a PC, because it is used to boot and store the system, as well as general storage. Of course, although it has a lot of space in which to store enough, whatever its capacity, it has a limit; but the reality is that reaching this limit for most of us is not as simple as saying it.

The hard drive can also present unusual problems and one of these may be that it tells us that it is at 100% capacity and we do not explain why. Because we know that this is not real, although the solution is not to delete all the contents of the disk , nor is it only due to a virus, we can solve this and in this article we will show you how to do it correctly.

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  1. How can I check the status of my hard drive in Windows 11?
  2. What can cause my hard drive to be under high usage?
  3. What methods can I use to free up the disk and remove this error?
    1. Deactivate the search service
    2. Disable SysMain service
    3. Repair StorAHCI.sys Driver
    4. Upgrade RAM

How can I check the status of my hard drive in Windows 11?

First of all, if your hard drive is giving you problems, such as slow system performance in general, you should perform a hard drive health check . The purpose of this is to check the operation of this and determine what is happening, so that you can solve this problem before it is too late. It could be said that it is due to errors in applications, viruses and processes that can be related to all of this.

For the verification of the disk you can follow the following steps, press simultaneously “Windows + R” then in the run window you write “wmic” and in the command prompt you enter “diskdrive get status”, this will give us a message of the state of the disk and if there are problems, and in the opposite case, only “status ok” will appear. This will tell us in the Windows 11 operating system  how the disk is working.

What methods; How to fix 100% disk usage issue on Windows 11

For all these cases we can apply different methods that help us, both to see and to solve what is happening, now let’s explore the methods that can help all this such as Disable the search service, disable the SysMain service, repair the StorAHCL driver. sys and update the RAM.

All these methods can help you solve the problem of the disk, first of all make a backup or a backup of all the data that you cannot delete, to protect in case of emergency do not lose the information

Deactivate the search service

This file search indexing service can be deactivated, to stop the high use of the hard disk, because this service can cause a high consumption of RAM memory, these procedures are carried out to solve the disk error, then we can activate them again. You should also consider disabling automatic updates in Windows 11 , since they can cause both a forced shutdown and restart to the system, and update when you want to.

Disable SysMain service

In previous versions of Windows 10 this service was known as SuperFetch, and this service causes errors where it consumes all the RAM memory capacity, although it is responsible for increasing the performance of Windows, pre-loading the applications in this way shortening the start times, this same quality can generate the failure; absorbing all processing and memory resources .

Repair StorAHCI.sys Driver

This driver is responsible for many errors, which have to do with hardware, outdated firmware and damaged drivers, these when they enter the fault and do not give the blue screen, cause a series of errors regarding updates and generate that the system, even if it does not fail completely, affects the operation of the hard disk. For this reason it is imperative that this controller is in good working order.

Upgrade RAM

Although these do not work as a storage system, they have a primary function in the search and interaction of files and applications , having adequate RAM memory is essential to make your PC work properly, for this we must investigate all parts of the system and what applications we use to improve the capacity of the computer’s RAM memory


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