How to find and defeat all Valheim bosses

Where are the five bosses of Valheim located: Ayktur, The Ancient, Bone Mass, Mouder and Yaglut

In Valheim, the player can fight various bosses, which, according to the plot, must be sacrificed to Odin. Such an altar is available from the very beginning of the game and is marked on your map. Around the altar, you can see five stones of different sizes. Each of them indicates a particular boss that you need to defeat.

For each defeated enemy, you will receive a corresponding trophy, which, when activated on the sacrificial altar, will give your Viking special power. In addition, the elimination of bosses is necessarily accompanied by the receipt of a special quest item with which you can create new or improve existing equipment. In this guide, we will tell you how to find and destroy all the bosses in the game, as well as what bonuses you can get for defeating such enemies.

Boss one: Eytur


Description . The first boss looks like a huge deer, which spews electrical discharges. A fairly fast opponent and has several types of attacks.

How to find . Finding Eyktur is easy. To do this, just read the inscription on the runestone at the very beginning of the game. From this moment on the map will display a special icon with the inscription “Eyktur”. It is worth noting that on the starting island you can find several altars to summon this boss.

How to summon . To summon Eiktur, you first need to craft a bow and arrow. This will allow you to hunt deer, for the killing of which, in turn, you will receive the “deer” trophy with some chance. Bring two similar trophies to the sacrificial altar and fight the boss.

Features of the enemy . The enemy uses only three types of attacks: melee, ranged and mass. When approaching the hero, Eyktur attacks with horns. If you broke the distance with the boss, then he will try to send an electric shock towards the hero. This discharge is quite powerful, so we advise you to dodge the attack in time, or block it with a shield.

Every few minutes Eytur will stop and accumulate an electric charge, after which it will make a strong blow to the terrain. At this point, you need to take cover at a safe distance from the boss, otherwise you can get large and even fatal damage.

How to win . To defeat Eyktyur, you can use various weapons and equipment. For example, a tower shield is perfect for blocking boss attacks, and a bow with reinforced arrows (with flint or bronze tips) is perfect for ranged attacks. We advise you to choose your outfit yourself. Personally, we managed to defeat the enemy without any clothes on. To do this, we used long-range weapons, tried to keep the enemy away and dodged his attacks in a timely manner.

Victory Rewards :

  • Trophy “Aytur”– when activated on the sacrificial altar, it will add a unique ability to the Viking, which after activation is valid for 300 seconds (improving the parameters “Run” and “Jump”, reducing the consumption of stamina by 60%);
  • Hard Horn (3)– This resource will allow you to build the first antler pickaxe in the game, with which you can mine standard minerals (copper and tin).

Boss 2: The Ancient One


Description . The Ancient One is a tall living tree, attacking with roots both near and far. Although this is only the second boss in the game, before the fight with him you need to prepare well.

How to find . A clue about the location of the boss can be found in any dungeon in the Black Forest. Such mines are not displayed in any way on the map, so you will have to search for them yourself. It is worth noting that not all dungeons contain a runestone indicating the location of the boss. As soon as you find the desired red stone in the mine and interact with it, from that moment on the map there will be a mark with the Ancient One’s altar.

Runestone of the Elder

How to summon . To summon the Ancient One, you need to find at least three units of the “Ancient Seed”. This seed is sometimes dropped by Greydwarf Shamans, but a large number of such resources can be found when the Greydwarf tree is destroyed. Look for the places where these creatures appear in the Black Forest. They are easiest to spot at night, as the trees emit a purple glow.

Features of the enemy . Like the previous opponent, the Ancient One uses only three types of attacks. Being at a great distance from you, the enemy from time to time will summon living roots that crawl out of the ground and attack the hero. Such roots remain in one position until the next call, so you can easily change position and avoid meeting them.

If you continue to break the distance with the Ancient, he will start using the second type of attack. At this point, the boss points his hand in your direction and releases vegetation that can do a lot of damage. It is almost impossible to dodge this blow, but you can use one trick. If you are fighting the boss directly at the altar of sacrifices, then during this attack you can take cover behind a runestone or stone pillar.

Kicking is the last type of attack the boss makes when approaching a Viking. Try to stay at a sufficient distance from the boss to avoid such a blow.

How to win . The most effective way to defeat the Ancient One is to use a bow with fire arrows. Since you are dealing with living vegetation, naturally, it will burn well. Follow our advice: take cover behind the runestones during the attack, change your location when the roots appear and set fire to the enemy from a distance.

Victory Rewards :

  • Trophy “Ancient”– adds a unique ability to the Viking, after activation of which you cut trees faster for 300 seconds;
  • Crypt Key– Allows you to open doors to crypt dungeons that can be found in swamps. Without this key, you will not know the location of the next boss.

Boss Three: Bone Mass

Bone mass

Description . This boss cannot be described otherwise than as a huge accumulation of green goo that has risen from the swampy depths. Bone mass is a very clumsy and slow opponent. The enemy itself is not difficult, but the creatures that surround him during the battle will pose a danger.

How to find . After destroying the Ancient One’s boss, you will receive the Crypt Key , which will allow you to explore flooded dungeons in any swampy area. Just like with the past enemy, you need to explore such crypts and find a runestone that will lead you to the boss. Usually there is one crypt with such a runestone in one swampy biome. To explore the crypts, you will definitely need a pickaxe, since all the passages in the not yet explored dungeons are littered with dirty iron.

Runestone Bone Mass

How to summon . To summon the Mass of Bones, you need to find 10 units of ” Withered Bones “. Such bones can be found both on the surface of swampy biomes and directly in crypts. Most often, a large amount of withered bones can be obtained by searching chests in crypts.

Features of the enemy . A feature of this enemy is its low mobility. The bone mass is so slow that you can easily break the distance with it and attack with ranged weapons. Until he gets to you, you will be able to change position several times.

But, as we mentioned earlier, the greatest danger will not be the boss himself, but the enemies surrounding him during the battle. Such monsters will be ordinary skeletons, skeletons-archers and poisonous goo, poisoning the hero when approaching. This is who you will actually be fighting with throughout the entire boss fight.

How to win . You can only defeat the enemy with a lot of stamina. Since the battle takes place in a swampy area with a lot of enemies, you will constantly need to be on the move.

To increase the amount of stamina, before the fight, you should refresh yourself with ordinary cooked meat , cooked bullfinch meat and any plant that increases the stamina reserve (for example, cloudberries ).

You can also craft stamina mead . To do this, you need to craft a cauldron in your personal camp and collect the required amount of ingredients:

  • Honey (10)– can be found in the open world by destroying bee hives, or build an apiary;
  • Raspberry (10);
  • Yellow mushroom (10)– grows only in caves and dungeons.

After creating the base for the mead, build a fermentation barrel and add the product there. After a few days, you will receive the drink you need.

We recommend bringing several types of weapons with you – a long – range bow , a melee weapon, and a shield . With the help of a bow, you can shoot at the boss from a distance, and with a melee weapon you can fight off the advancing monsters.

Victory Rewards :

  • “Bone Mass” trophy– when used on a sacrificial altar, it will give a unique ability (protection from physical damage for 300 seconds after activation);
  • The bowis an item that allows you to find treasures and deposits of silver (the last mineral is needed to create warm clothing and explore mountain biomes).

Boss Four: Mouder


Description . Mouder is a dragon that lives in the highlands. Mostly the enemy attacks from the air, but occasionally he will descend to the ground to deliver several blows to the viking.

How to find . To find Mouder, you first need to craft at least one piece of warm clothing. To do this, you will definitely need the “Bow” you received from the previous boss. While exploring mountain biomes, you can stumble upon deposits of silver , smelt it and get silver ingots . Combine them with the hide of a wolf or bovine for a warm raincoat or foot protection.

Once you’ve got warm clothes, you can explore the highlands on any island. The runestones that will point the way to Mouder’s location are mostly located on mountain tops.

How to summon . In your search for runestones, you will stumble upon ordinary dragons. Such monsters not only fly in the mountains, but also guard their not yet hatched children. If you see multiple dragons cruising in the same direction, be sure to look around the area.

Dragon eggs

In total, you need to find three eggs and bring them to Mouder’s altar. It is worth noting that dragon eggs are very heavy. You will not be able to deliver all three items to the island at one time, even when using a cart.

Features of the enemy . Mostly Mouder attacks from the air and it is quite difficult to hide from his attacks. But when the enemy falls to the ground, it will become easier to fight with him. In total, the enemy uses three types of attacks – one from the air and two on the ground. Having descended to the ground, Mauder will try to freeze you with icy breath, and if you come close to him, he will definitely hit with his wing.

How to win . First of all, we recommend climbing as high as possible. In this case, it will be more difficult for all monsters in the area to get to you, and you will get rid of unnecessary enemies.

Equip a bow with reinforced arrows (you can use obsidian-tipped arrows or fire arrows), as well as a shield with melee weapons. When the boss lands on the ground, attack him back to back, blocking his blows in time. The battle with Mauder will be quite lengthy, so you should be patient.

Victory Rewards :

  • Trophy “Mouder”– use it on the sacrificial altar to get a unique one. ability (for 300 seconds after activation, only a tailwind will blow you).
  • Dragon tear.

Boss 5: Yaglut


Description . The last (believed to be) boss in Valheim, Yaglut, lives on the plains. In fact, this enemy can be found and summoned even after the first boss. Yaglut is a huge skeleton without legs that moves on hands. The enemy rarely approaches the Viking and attacks with fireballs.

How to find . Finding Yaglut is very difficult. And the difficulty lies precisely in finding the right runestone, which would indicate the location of the boss. Personally, we could not find a single such stone, but we were lucky enough to meet the boss altar itself.

Why is it so difficult to find runestones? It’s all about their small size. On flat terrain, you can observe tall grass. So, the runestone, which will indicate the location of Yaglut on the map, protrudes quite a bit from this very grass.

How to summon . To summon the boss, you need to destroy several goblin camps, which are located near the water on the plains. Such bases are easy to find, as there is always a huge bonfire on the edge of the camp. In some camps you will find a special Goblin Totem statuette. You need to collect five totems and place them in random order on the altar of Yaglut.

Goblin Totem

How to win . Since the boss is very slow and mainly attacks from a distance, we recommend using the bow. In the battle with him personally, third-party monsters did not appear, so the battle went very quickly and without much difficulty.

Victory Rewards :

  • Trophy “Yaglut”– adds a unique ability (after activation, the protection against magic damage increases for 300 seconds);


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