Disco Elysium guide ( Walk Through)

Disco Elysium guide.Guide with the passage of all quests and tasks available in Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is an isometric RPG where you play as a detective. After a stormy night, the character wakes up in a hotel room, in the backyard of which there was a murder. We have to investigate it!

The game does not have a clear division between plot and side quests. Your main goal is to investigate a murder. However, based on your chosen dialogue answers and subjects learned, secondary goals will also appear. There is no one correct passage: the first time you can unlock some tasks, the second – others. We will describe only those that came across to us during our passage.

Character Creation

At the beginning of the game, you need to create a character. There are three types available, but there is also a fourth option in which you independently distribute ability points. We emphasize that, despite the presence of the Physical type, the game does not have combat mechanics. Instead of the banal attributes of strength, agility, intelligence, you have four main parameters:

  • Intelligence
  • Psyche
  • Physics
  • Motor skills

Skill selection window

Each attribute can take a value from “1” to “6”. You have 8 ability points available. In the future, increasing the level, you will be able to invest the received points no longer in the main parameters, but in additional ones. There are six additional parameters for each main parameter. We will not go into details, but emphasize that, for example, belief in a game is much more valuable than strength.

Another important point: all six additional skills related to this or that parameter automatically take its value. Let’s say you have chosen physics level 5. As a result, six other skills associated with it will also become “5”.

Our choice : 6 units of intelligence, 2 units of other parameters.

After that, you can set the signature on one of the additional skills, increasing it by 1 unit. That is, in our case, it was advisable to assign a signature to one of the six intelligence skills, pumping it to level 7. We chose logic.

The main character’s apartment

Dancing in rags

At the beginning of the game, once in a hotel room, go to the restroom and look at yourself in the mirror. If you wipe it, then you will see the face of the protagonist for the first time, you can create your own image. Check your pulse to get 50 experience points. Then you can try to stop the grimace formation process (Electrochemistry 18). Take the white shirt hanging over the bathroom. Pick up the pants from the floor and take the jacket lying on the couch. Put on these items. Then remove the tie from the ceiling fan. If you pull on the string, the fan will turn on: if you touch the light bulb twice, you take 1 damage. With sufficient perception, you will find keys in your pants with a keychain with the name of the hotel hanging on the ring.

Council . Save as often as possible, because you can see the Game Over inscription in two cases: if the hero has 0 HP or 0 morale points. To increase morale, invest ability points in the Violition skill. Also try to save the game before each dialogue. If you see that some branch causes damage to morale or HP, reboot and exclude it from the selection.

The protagonist of the game is clearly out of shape

Examine the broken window trying to understand what happened to it. This will reveal a green shoe.

It turns out that the hero threw another shoe through the window. Take the first green shoe from the hanger to get 5 experience points and a new task (Find the second shoe). Take the empty reel lying next to the tape recorder, then open the door. Talk to Claassier, who will remind you that you are a police officer. As a result, you will learn about the hanged man, and the main character must find out what really happened. You can invite Claassier to pass the time. Ask her the rest of the questions. Ask where you are and what he heard last night. Show her the reel and ask if this music played to get 5 experience points.

Examine the cigarette butt that Claassier left in the ashtray on the railing. If you want to become a smoker, you will need to complete the task “Find cigarettes” and smoke them. There is money on the counter to the left.

Find a second shoe

As soon as you get the second shoe, you can use the bonuses of this pair of shoes

Open the door to the balcony on the left side and take the second shoe to complete the task and gain 10 experience points.

There is a second shoe on this balcony

Find cigarettes and smoke them

Your best bet is to find the free pack outside the hotel, to the right of the car. Set one on fire to complete the task and gain 30 experience points. Smoking will harm your health in the future, but will increase your intelligence by 1 level.

Go downstairs. To get the chance to have a meaningful conversation with Hotel Manager Garth, you need to pass an initial empathy test. Otherwise, he will send you to hell. Examine the microphones on stage and the object to the left of them. Consult your conscience (to do this, click on the purple dot next to your head) to start a new task (Sing karaoke).

Such markers indicate that the hero has some thoughts regarding the situation, or his own subconscious wants to communicate with him.

Talk to Kim Kitsuragi in the corner. He will introduce himself as a police lieutenant. Success in verification will still not allow you to recover the name, but you can try. If you admit that you do not remember anything, Kim will say that it is all about drinking. Once you’re ready, continue to get three more tasks: Examine the victim’s body / Take a statement from the cafeteria manager / Report your lost ID.

Kim Katsuragi, the main character’s partner

Take readings from the cafeteria manager

Talk to Garth again. Find out your name, then he will give you the number of the woman who reported the murder (Who called the station to report the murder?). Ask where the body is before asking who may have killed the victim. Ask why Sylvie left. Insist on your own to get 5 experience points. Then ask who exactly lifted the victim up the tree. He will say that the dockers did it. Continue interrogation to earn 5 more experience points. For a complete interrogation, you can get 30 experience points. At the end of the conversation, the manager will ask you to pay the damage. If you do this, you will receive 5 experience points. Come back later, as a result, out of pity, the manager will reduce the debt by 50 reais. This activates the task “Make amends”.

In addition, you can continue the conversation and find out for the closed room. The goal “Find out who dines in the union hall” is activated.

Chat with Lena – an old woman in a wheelchair in the corner of the cafeteria. If you try to snatch money from her and fail the check, you will become desperate and eventually lose your strength, which will lead to the end of the game (although you can load the previous save). Don’t do this to stay positive. As a result, you will receive a pen with a kind green monkey. Ask the cops to tell the woman about a certain rich man who will help to understand what is happening (Find out the whole truth about reality). Take a look at the docker sleeping at the table. Steal the port worker’s card, 5 reais and magnesium tablets. Go through the door on the left to find yourself on the street. If you examine the bottle and lick it, you will receive the task “Find alcohol and drink.”

Police car heroes

Ask Kim to tell you about the case

Start a conversation with Kim and ask him to talk about the case. This hidden objective activates as quickly as it gets completed. You will receive 10 experience points. Continue with Kim and cover all topics for three new goals: Writing / Debriefing with Kim at the end of the day / Call the infirmary at the station. Also pick up the nosafede on the table to the left of the cafeteria manager.

After going outside, go to the right and talk to the Gardener, who is sitting on a chair at the corner of the building. Choose different options, and you’ll end up with yellow gardening gloves. If there is no port worker’s shift card, go to the right of the building, to the place of the strike, and talk to the man in the red cap who sits on the railing on the left.

Call the infirmary in the station

To complete this task, after leaving the hotel, go in the car and open the door. Take out a walkie-talkie and ask to put you in the infirmary of the 41st area. Talk to your doctor about all topics.

In the lobby, you can take several items and tasks, or you can even end the game with a bad ending

Report that you have lost your ID

Interact with the radio again, contact the dispatcher and ask to establish a connection with the 41st section. Report the loss of your ID and click on all phrases. You will receive 30 experience points. The task will end, but a new mission will begin – “Find your ID”. Continue the conversation, the goal “Find your pistol” is activated. In no case say that you are tired of work, otherwise you will receive damage to your morale and the game will end.

Continue to search the car for a pry bar, bolt cutter and flashlight. If you inspect the car, do not select the phrase “Where have you been?”, Otherwise you will receive damage to morale and end the game. Release the clutch handle to earn 5 experience points.

Outside the hotel

Make amends

In a conversation with Area 41, ask for financial support, but you will be denied it. Then say that you agree with the lack of financial support. Do not say that you are tired of everything, and do not ask you to pick it up. In the event that you can find a compromise in a conversation with Garth, he will reduce the amount of compensation to 30 reais. Money for damages can be obtained at the end of the mission “Find out the whole truth about reality.”

Who called the station to report the murder?

In a conversation with 41 districts, ask to put you in touch with Sylvie. Try to find out who reported the murder. Continue playing the game. As a result, the task will end right after you meet with Titus Hardy and interrogate your neighbor.

Exploring the car

Disco Elysium Walkthrough – Find Your ID

Having examined the wrecked car, on the third day you need to wait for the low tide. Continue to complete other missions, and then return here the next day. Examine the car and take the protagonist’s ID. You need to open your inventory and examine the collected documents to find out all the information about the main character of the game. If you wish, you can call the police station and state that the documents have been found.

Find your gun

You can find out about the gun from the moneylender. He admits that a woman bought him. Continue to play the game, after which the task will be completed as soon as you talk to the leader of the union Evrart Clare. He will be in the harbor.

Corpse in the backyard

Taking stock with Kim at the end of the day

You need to wait until the end of the first working day and return to the hotel. Pay off the debt, and then move to the main character’s apartment. Say good night to Kim, and then go to the balcony of the building with him and talk about different topics. The options you choose don’t matter, and Kim will tell you to talk to the union chairman, examine the victim’s body again, and learn about Joyce. Soon the day and the task will come to an end.


After examining the victim’s body in the backyard of the hotel, talk to Kim and ask for an unofficial competition between police departments. Choose all the options, use logic, as a result of which you will understand why the hero is investigating this particular case. Talk about the different options, after which the goal will be completed.

Find out who dines at the union hall

After the first day, you will find yourself in a dream. Complete it in any way, and then go downstairs and talk to Kim. Tell them that these are the people that cafeteria manager Garth spoke of. The task will end immediately. Talk to Garth about the closed blue door.

Chat with Lena, who will tell you about her missing husband. Agree to help her to activate the “Find Morell, Cryptozoologist” goal.


Find out the truth about reality

Go to the bookstore, go around it and follow to the pier. There you will meet Joyce. Ask her all the questions, select the Wild Pine thread. Select the following options to open the Fifteenth Indotribe study:

  • Ok then what are they doing
  • What other Indotribes are there
  • Nice company got together
  • How much money does the company have
  • Just
  • Look around
  • Eight percent

Talk about reality, choose any options, and at the end of the conversation the mission will be completed. In addition, during the conversation, the hero must understand that Joyce is hiding information about lynching. This activates the Joyce Lynch Info target. Continue the conversation. As a result, Joyce agrees to provide information if you show her your police ID or agree to provide a service. Agree, as a result of which the target “Mystery of Radio Interference” is activated.

Examine the victim’s body

In the backyard, you need to examine the body hanging from a tree. Also examine the footprints on the ground to find out the shoe sizes of all the people who have been here. Chat with Kim and then try to open the trash can. If you can’t, get the key from the cafeteria manager. Chat with the kid throwing stones. Separate Kuno from Kuno using empathy and then find out as the gardener. This activates the goal “Ask the gardener about planting plants in March”. Kunou will then talk about his father, a drug dealer. Agree to steal drugs from the house so that the boy can trust the detective. Target “Split Kilo with Kuno” is activated. Upon examination of the body, if you fail the Fortitude check, the hero will become ill. Kim will give you a handkerchief, and you will have to find ammonia for further examination of the corpse.

Backyard with victim’s body

Complete the assignment “Ask the Gardener to Plant the Plants in March” to get the product you need from the gardener. You can now continue examining the body! Now go back and use resilience to re-examine the body. The hero will get worse. Select phrases:

  • We cannot do anything else
  • So

As a result, you will receive the Rag Gathering research. The task will be updated. To continue studying the body, you will have to distract from the mission and accumulate experience points to complete the research. Without it, you cannot continue.

Removed corpse

You can continue the very next day after sleeping! Pass the Resilience Test. The hero will withstand the smell of corpse. Examine the shoes of the dead man, talk about it with Kim. These boots are part of a larger set of ceramic armor. This will activate the new goal “Where are the rest of the armor.” The inscription on the side will allow you to find out the serial number. Point it to Kim for the “Find out information about the serial number stamped on the victim’s armor.” Try to take off your shoes. Do not use the pry bar! Nothing will come of it, and the hero will understand that first you need to remove the dead man from the tree.

Examine the belt to understand that the man died as a result of lynching. Examine the tattoos on the victim for Kim to take a photo. This activates the Target Tattoo target. Ask Kim for this photo.

If you can pass the test, then it will be possible to talk to the deceased. However, this is optional. As a result, the examination of the victim’s body will be completed.

Remove the corpse from the tree

You can do this in several ways. Each of the ones we found is described below:

  1. Get help from Evrart Clare. Talk to your union chair and ask for help. He will agree to help, so go to the Golovomer, who will immediately go to the backyard. Now you can continue your investigation!
  2. Use a pistol. Ask Kim to shoot at the belt, but the attempt will fail. Ask him for a pistol, pass a coordination check and shoot. If you hit, the corpse will fall down. If you miss, you hit the body. The latter will complicate the autopsy task, which will take place later. If you don’t want to make a mistake, save and keep shooting until you hit the first time. If you kill Kun, the game will end. This will give you one of the bad endings. If you do, high-five to Kim to unlock the Pilot’s Greetings or Pilot’s Five research studies.
  3. Use the help of the Golovomer. The same guy on top of the dam where the strike is taking place. In order for him to help you, you will have to pass a brute force test, or study the study Modern Race Theory “, which will open at the end of the conversation with Golovomer. Be sure to listen to the full theory, learn about races, and agree.

The headwalker blocking the way to the port

Find out information about the serial number stamped on the victim’s armor

Go back to Kim’s car, use the radio and ask for the serial number on the victim’s shoes. Return to the car a day later and again contact Alice, the site manager. It will provide information about the manufacturer. Tell them you need to know the owner’s name. Return to Alice the next day to meet two angry men. Talk to them, go through the dusk check, so that they give your jackets. Kim will skip the second one, so you’ll get two jackets at once. The former will give +1 to drama and -1 to authority, while the latter will decrease the rhetoric but increase the gloom. Call Alice for the rest of the information. The task will end.

Where are the rest of the armor

Talk to Kuno about the armor on the victim’s body. Manyana was looking for this armor, and he is near the port entrance, to the left of Golovomer. Go to the man, chat with him to understand – Kuno deceived the detective once again, because he just wanted to take revenge on Manyana. Say that you are ready to find all the pieces of the armor to activate the goal “Find all the pieces of armor”. Go back to the boy and talk to him.

Find all armor items

This quest will consist of several separate quests that will collect all the pieces of armor.

Find gloves from the armor set

You will learn about this piece of armor from Cindy Skull. The gloves are from the girl from the fishermen’s village. Talk to Lilienne’s daughter about the gloves, and she will tell you that the item is hidden in a sand castle behind the house. Go outside, follow to the backyard and look for gloves in the sandbox located around the corner of the building. Gloves from the Fairweather T-500 set will give you +2 to vehicles.

Hanged Man’s Shoes

When you examine the corpse, wait until nightfall, and then split up with Kim by talking to him near the hotel room. Go to the studied corpse, take the boots and go to the kitchen. Use the bucket on the stove, throw in your shoes and soap. Boiling alone will not be enough, so add additional vinegar to the bucket and boil the water again. The task will be completed, and you will be able to get boots that give +2 to authority, but reduce self-control by one point.

And to return the gun, you will have to fight this character.


It can be obtained from Gary, Morell’s buddy. Read the walkthrough of the quest “Find Morell, the Cryptozoologist).


You can get it at the very end of the game, on the island. Read the last chapter of the walkthrough.

Find liquor and drink / cigarettes / aids

Can be bought at the store. The cigarettes are sold at the Fritte pharmacy. All of these tasks can be addictive, so I don’t recommend doing them.

Disco Elysium Walkthrough – Sing Karaoke

Wait for the third day for the lock to close, go to the southwest of the fishermen’s village and look for the reel lying inside the box in the destroyed building. Further, if you have not completed the quest “The best hits of the air arrow”, complete it, as a result of which you can buy a tape recorder from the usurer at a discount. The hero will remember the lyrics of the song recorded on the reel. Return to Dancing in Rags and talk to the cafeteria manager. He will allow the hero to perform on stage. In the evening, follow the stage and sing the song. The task will complete regardless of the subsequent selection and quality of execution.

What is the mystery of races?

This quest can be obtained in a conversation with the Golovomer, who is standing on the dam near the strike site. It blocks the way to the port. Ask for all races and agree to fulfill his errand. Learning a thought requires passing a conceptualization test and then waiting a while to assimilate it. After that, talk to Golovomer and give your opinion (but keep in mind that some statements can harm your friendship with Kim).

Victim tattoos

Ask about Joyce’s tattoo on the pier. The mission ends, but a new target begins. I will describe it here. By the way, in order to get information about tattoos, you will have to complete the mission “The Secret of Radio Interference”. We have described it below. Ask where the other two mercenaries are, passing a logic check. Whether you are successful or not, ask Joyce for more information. All this in the thread about tattoos. This will begin the mission. Return to the harbor gate north of the inn and ask Golovomer for the tattoos on the victim’s body.

Press it to find out all about the victim’s past life. This will make checks much easier towards the end of the game.

Joyce’s information on lynching

Read the description of the quest “The Secret of Radio Interference” below.

The mystery of radio interference

If you could not show Joyce the badge, you will have to complete this task. Then she will tell you everything she knows about the victim in the tree. She will offer to check the truck drivers stuck in a traffic jam at the North Crossroads. There are three drivers in total in this area:

  • Tommy outside the hotel, next to his truck
  • Racist right at the Fritte booth
  • Another one east of the horse statue at the North Crossroads

Put pressure on the racist driver who will tell you for the drug dealer near Royce’s pawnshop, next to the airlock. Interrogate him to get all the information. You will learn that the driver is a woman. After receiving information about the female driver, return to any trucker. You can get Tommy to give you the key to the abandoned truck in order to later unlock the car south of the horse statue at the North Crossing. Alternatively, you can force the racist to indicate the location of the green truck by passing the skill check. If Kim takes the lead in the interrogation, verification will be simplified.

Having recognized for the truck, you can interact with it. If you got the key from Tommy, there will be no problems opening the door. Otherwise, break the side door window to get into the cab. But you need to pass the brute force test. Equip a pry bar or multitool to make things easier. Inspect all of the interactive objects in the truck, including the toolbox. Check the cards inside. Talk to Kim before returning to Joyce and sharing the findings. You can tell it yourself or give the floor to Kim. Any option will satisfy her. Joyce will share the information and you will complete the quest above.

Open the trash can

Walk to the backyard of the hotel, chat with the children and look around the area. Examine the trash can on the left. If you can’t force open it, return to the cafeteria and talk to Garth. He will give the key. Return there and open the trash can. Inside it will be papers and clothes. All of this activates three goals – Find your papers / Who put your clothes in the trash? / Read your log and choose a title for the case.

Find your papers

The goal will be completed the moment you receive it. You need to open the trash can behind the hotel, in the backyard with a corpse. The cafeteria manager has the key to the container.

Who put the clothes in the trash?

Talk to Kuno and Garth about the clothes found inside the trash can in the backyard of the hotel. In the place where the body of the victim is. As a result of the conversation with Kuno, the boy will offer to buy his pants. This activates the “Buy Faln Sweatpants from Kuno” goal. Talk to Garth, return the key to the container and ask who could have access to it.

The task will be updated. You will be able to complete the mission as soon as you find a Cryptozoologist and Crypto Fascist.

Buy Faln Sweatpants from Kuno

Kuno sells pants for 15 reais. Buy them to complete the mission. Pants give +1 to balancing act and brute strength. The task will end immediately.

Read your log and choose a title for the case

The magazine is in the dumpster in the backyard. Once you get the item, examine it in your inventory. Peel off the toilet paper and clip to get these items. Talk to Kim for the watermark, which will give you the “Read the watermarks” objective. Continue the conversation with Kim after examining the blank pages, and then use Lena’s pen to write down the title of the case, “The Hanged Man.” Examine the rest of the cases solved by the cop. With the help of technology, you can find a cache in a folder. Examine the chewing gum wrapper, then decide what to do:

  • If you leave, you will lose consciousness, and Kim will wake up the hero in the car. You will be able to equip the Journal of Failure and Hatred, gaining +1 Empathy, Inner Empire, and a -2 penalty to Authority. The research “Pantograph” and “White Mourning” will also open.
  • If thrown away, you will receive a Journal of Oblivion, adding +1 to authority and suggestion, but decreasing the inner empire by 1 point. The Acid Echo research opens. The latter is better, as doing this research will give you +1 to your motor skill cap.

Read the watermarks

Follow to the car, look inside and turn on the headlights. Stand in front of the car and click on the yellow marker above the hero. Examine all the holes and select each option. You will learn new information about the detective. After this task, statistics on the work of the main character will appear in your journal.

Ask the gardener about planting in March

Go to the main entrance to the hotel and talk to the gardener, from whom you could already get the yellow gardener’s gloves. Choose visual analysis. If he is successful, you will understand that the girl is in this place for a reason. As a result, you find out that the girl is watching the police, whom the locals do not trust. Ask for nasal salt. As a result, she will give ammonia.

Close the gateway on Wednesday

Before completing the first day, head south where the lock is located. Examine the control panel hidden behind the moneylender’s house. Select each option and talk to the person nearby. The airlock is closed until Wednesday. Return here on the third day of the game to close the shutters and open the way to the fishing village. You can take the task on the second day.

Find the offender

There is a broken poster near the same airlock. Study it, apply visual analysis, and you can reconstruct events. Talk to Kim about what happened, agree to solve the case. You need to look for a rider who managed to get across the channel by car. When you close the lock on the third day, as described above, go to the opposite bank and move north to find the wrecked car. Examine the car, wait for the low tide, and look inside. Talk to Kim on the swing, select all options and speak for the site. You will learn the truth about the traffic offender, and the quest will be completed.

Wrecked car

Share a kilo with Kuno

To enter Kunou’s house, head to the pier. Kunou said that for this you need to knock on the door for a long time, as a result, the cleaning lady will open it. If not, you can enter the house through the backyard of the hotel. There is an alley with planks on the right. The key to the door lies nearby, under a stone. Move to the right side of the house and enter the last apartment on the right. It is located near the shared toilet. To break the door you need a bolt cutter from the cops car. Enter the room and look for the speeds lying on the table. After taking them, examine the corpse of a man lying in the next room.

Return to Kunou and then decide whether to share the speeds. If you agree and return them to Kunou, you will receive half of the keel.

Explore the Cursed Trade Zone

Head left of the hotel and look for the bookstore. Talk to the girl outside and the hostess inside. Examine the yellow curtain on the right. The woman will forbid opening it. Listen to her, talk again and let her know that you have connections with paranormal forces. She will give the key and allow you to look behind the curtain. Move it and use the key to unlock the door in front. Once inside, examine all the selected objects, take the core lying on the floor, but in no case touch the barbell. Especially if your cop is not physically developed. Use the flashlight from the car and move up the stairs. In the new room, search the table and take coins, and then look into each drawer.

In the far room, you can study other things, as well as pick up the nodal power supply lying in the table. Leave the room, move behind the shelves where the graphs and diagrams are located. Examine the boards, select each option and go to the computer. Insert the found node block, start playback by clicking on the button of the same name. Talk to the programmer, log out, and talk to Kim.

There is a door nearby. Unlock it to go out into the backyard. Take a look at the refrigerator located at the back of the room. Tell Kim you hear strange voices from above. Do not under any circumstances choose phrases related to paranormal forces. Shout to people. If successful, you will hear a girl asking the cops to go up to the second floor. Go down to the boards and click on the yellow marker. You will be able to find a secret door. Go through it and examine the wall to get a pre-revolutionary weapon. Go right, search the cabinets and collect reals with the medicine. Take a look at the red box. If you use a pry bar from the car, you can try to open the door. However, this can only be done with a high level of brute force. Go outside, call every intercom office. Don’t choose any supernatural options.

Go back to the room where the computer is. Follow the door to the right of the device and head up the stairs to the second level. Talk to the girl who is crafting dice. Click through all dialogue options, order any bones. You will receive the goal “Go to the dice carver to order.” Return to the girl after 8 hours to collect the bones. Pay for the order, as a result of which the task will be completed. Go back to the bookstore and report everything to the owner of the shop.

Do not speak for otherworldly forces. The captivity will not believe the protagonist, but the task will end!

Find Morell, the Cryptozoologist

During the quest “Find the buoy that Claasier spoke about and investigate its contents” you must go to the church behind the fishermen’s houses, go around the building on the left and get to the coast. From here you can see the buoy, and here is a man in a pink shirt. Talk to him, tell him that his wife Lena is looking for him. Chat with your zoologist about other topics, list all the options, and offer help with traps. Talk to crypto-fascist Gary, report the yellow circle. He hid the clothes in a container behind the hotel. If you can pass the Self-Control check, you will receive the T-500 Fairweather cuirass, which adds +1 to willpower and pain threshold, but decreases empathy (by 1 unit).

Inspect the traps

If Morell was offered help, then this quest is activated. You must examine every Cryptozoologist’s trap. There are four different traps:

  1. The next trap is located at Land’s End in the northeast. Look behind the sand piles on the way to the lighthouse behind the church.
  2. There is a small peninsula to the south of the camp. Look for boat sheds there. There will also be a trap. Walk down and examine the area to the left of the three-story house.
  3. Next, you need to go to the channel next to the gateway. There will be a trap to the south of the crashed car. It is slightly to the left of the tower.
  4. The last trap is located at Land’s End in the northeast. Look behind the sand piles on the way to the lighthouse behind the church.

It will be possible to study the latter only after examining the three previous ones. The cops get the idea that she looks weird. Go back to the hotel and talk to Morell. Use the technique if you want to take on the new objective, Case of the Lost Insects. Talk to Lena to complete the quest. She will give a +1 tie to your inner empire and willpower.

The case of the missing insects

Morell will issue a quest at the end of the previous mission. The cops believe that Kuno is releasing the locusts, and it is because of him that the Ostrovian Phasmid never got caught in the trap. Go to the backyard of the hotel, interrogate the child, but he will be silent. Go to his house, located in the same yard, on the right hand, behind the boards, and study the locusts.

Return to Kunou and ask him to stop. Let Morell know what you have learned. He will be there, at the hotel.

Find the Ostroval Phasmid

Another assignment from Morell. Agree to help him with the next job. He will give a box of locusts to be placed in the traps. Go to the zoological camp and set the locusts in the last trap. The rest are not functioning. Return to Lena at the hotel, report everything to find out that Morell went to Gary. Instill in her that you still manage to catch the phasmid. After you say goodbye to Lena, the task will be completed.

The best hits of the air arrow

You need to talk to Hardy. He will give an audio tape with the words of the victim. To listen to it, you need a tape recorder. And just now go to the moneylender’s store and ask for a discount. Say you have the best air arrow hits. Give 4 reales. And then listen to the recording, return to Claesier and talk to her. At the hotel, interrogate Hardy again, ask the remaining questions and report the record. Ask for the truth.

Find your heraldic bird

To start this mission, talk to the proletarian standing next to the bookstore. Choose all of the options and be sure to ask a question about the cockatoo. Go inside and go up to the second level. Buy a book from the center shelves or try to steal it. Open the book in your inventory, go through each option and talk to your mind. Select a parrot, after which the quest will be completed. If you talk to the proletarian again, you can look at the drunkard sitting on the stairs nearby. Talk to the woman, ask for your husband and tell her that you will find him. This is how the quest “Find the husband of a proletarian” is activated.

Disco Elysium Walkthrough – Give Garth the Stuffed Bird

After visiting the fishermen’s village, enter the Lilienne house, located on the left side of the washerwoman’s house. There will be a stuffed bird here. Talk to the girl and ask for a stuffed animal. Return to Garth and hand the item to him to apologize for breaking the old scarecrow.

Get speed

At the end of the first day, you will be able to talk to consciousness. It will offer to find speeds. If you agree, wait until you visit Kuno’s apartment on the quest “Share a kilo with Kuno” (read above). There will be the right drugs. To complete the task, use drugs in your inventory.

Conduct inspection

You need to conduct an inspection, as a result, the form must be completed as follows:

  • Assistant: G. D. B.
  • Registration number: ГДБ41-0803.10.15. We tell our partner that we arrived at the crime scene earlier and use logic to restore the exact date.
  • Name: no information.
  • Date of birth: no information.
  • Age: 42.
  • Origin: mundi.
  • Gender: male.
  • Date of death: March 5, 51.
  • Items 9-10 are skipped.
  • Manipulation signs: not found.

You don’t need to write about the boots, otherwise you won’t be able to keep them for yourself and collect a full set of armor. Equip a bolt cutter and try to find the best place to cut the belt. Chat with Kunou. If you can pass the brute force check, then you can easily cut the belt, otherwise the victim’s body will receive additional damage. Examine the organs. Listen to Kim, don’t write anything unnecessary. Indicate that a toxicological analysis is required. Continue the conversation, do not look too deep into your mouth, otherwise 1 HP will be lost. List the injuries, but point out that none of this is the cause of death. All injuries were posthumous. Talk to Kim, point out the strange shade of corpse spots. Additional clues can be seen through perception.

If you fail the check, examine the nails and ask your partner to send the corpse to the refrigerator.

Place the victim’s body in the refrigerator

The task will appear only if you were unable to complete the examination of the body yourself, through a skill check. If you passed the perception test and collected all the evidence, then it will be possible to instantly send the corpse to the laboratory. Go to the building nearby, with the bear, examine the familiar refrigerator and invite Kim to send a corpse here. The task will be completed. If you can pass the perception test, examine the mouth of the corpse. When you receive the belt, tell Kim about it. Stick your fingers in deeper and use the technique to get the bullet. If you get a bullet, then complete the goal “Find a bullet before you go down the wrong path”, earning additional experience points. Talk to Kim to activate the quest “Wash the smell of death from yourself” (you must say that you want to wash). Take your time to send the body to the lab,

Send the victim’s body for examination

When you remove the shoes from the corpse, you can send the corpse for examination. This is what Kim is for. Do this in the evening, as Kim will be missing before the end of the day. Load the corpse into the car to help Kim, and then the task will be completed.

Wash off the smell of death

When you deal with the study of the victim’s corpse, return to the hotel room and fill the bath. Plunge into it, throw away the beer cans and fall asleep. Lie down and then get out of the bath. You will restore your health reserve, as well as get rid of the cadaveric stench.

Take testimony from members of the “people’s squad”

Titus Hardy, leader of the vigilantes

Follow to your hotel restaurant and go to the area rented by the union members. Talk to Titus Hardy at the entrance. Ask about the murder. The guards will say that it was they who hung the corpse on a tree. There is no need to arrest Titus, otherwise the detective will die, and you will see another bad ending. Ask a question for a bullet in your head and find out about the method of murder. Say that the deceased served in the special forces. Use your composure and keep an eye on Fat Angus. Ground tracks found in the backyard match up with the people present. Although one person is still missing. Ask about the eighth person. Angus will betray himself and you will find out that the eighth person was a girl. Ask the remaining questions, gather information, and in order to continue the investigation, you will have to earn Titus’s trust.

Pass the test and choose phrases that show the hero’s coolness. Continue to press on Titus, as a result of which he will say that there really is a girl in their squad. You will even recognize her name. The eighth person is Claassier. The one you saw at the beginning of the game. Do not try to pass a skill test if you are rude to the woman or trying to seduce her. In this case, you will lose health and morale.

Talk to the victim of the attack

Go back to the hotel and knock on Claassier’s door. When he lets the detective in, go to the bathroom and examine the pills in the drawer. Using electrochemistry, you will see speeds. Using the technique, you can stealthily steal them. A good option for the corresponding quest! Go to the roof and talk to Claasier. Select each option from top to bottom to learn about the love affair between Claasier and the deceased man. Titus asked her to embellish and accuse him of rape. Claesier called the police and told about the crime. This is the very information that is needed to complete the quest “Who called the police station to report the murder.” Continue the interrogation, but Claassier will not talk about the deceased. This will begin with the task “Ask Claesier about the murdered.” You can complete it a little later. If you talk about the fact that you live next door, in this case, the goal “Ask Claesier about Sunday night” is activated. Perform a willpower check. The detective will understand that the girl is hiding something, but it is still impossible to understand what exactly. Go back to Hardy and accuse him of cheating about Claassier. The quest will be completed.

Ask Claesier about the murdered

Since Claassier will not tell her about the deceased immediately, wait a little and visit her later. This must be done after listening to the recording from the vigilantes (quest “The best hits of the air arrow”). Then she will talk, you will learn new details about the deceased. End the conversation, and with it the task.

Claesier on the roof

Ask Claesier about Sunday night

Return to Claesier’s room so Kim is not around and ask a question about Sunday night. She will tell you in detail about a hundred happened. Select each option to complete the quest.

Find out from Titus what really happened

Apply the rhetoric and then select the dialog options to push Angus:

  • Because a chick ran between you
  • They just hang you up – either shoot or give a fuck
  • Turn to Angus

Angus will reveal the secret, and say that the hanged man was already dead. An unknown person shot the man on Sunday, shooting through the window of Claesier’s hotel room, and therefore the girl asked Hardy to help in the situation. Finish the conversation, return to Claassier and find out that she can die if the detective indicates the name in the case record or summon for interrogation. She will tell about Ruby, the eighth girl from Hardy’s squad, who helped them get rid of the corpse. After learning Claesier’s true name, restore the events to activate the “Find the buoy that Claasier spoke of and investigate its contents.” Tell him that Claesier continues to lie, and then talk to Kim. He will take out the handcuffs, she will start to panic, so just keep pressing. You will receive new information. He says that Ruby could have killed the victim, since she is secretly in love with Claesier.

The quest “Make Titus tell you where Ruby is” will begin. Complete the task by talking to Kim, and then release Claassier.

Disco Elysium Walkthrough – The Smoker on the Balcony

Smoker on the balcony

Go to the bookstore, go around the building and go behind the tree, through the fence. Chat with the guy on the second floor, use the suggestion so that he stay and tell more information. If the check is successful, you will find out where the key lies (under the stone by the door). With the key, you can open a door nearby to get into an apartment building. Examine the corridor and take a look at the apartment on the left. It is sealed. Make your way inside through the hole in the wall from the next room, collect various loot and go to the balcony to the west. Talk to the girl by asking all the questions. Ask for the armor to find out about the gloves that the girl from the fishing village took away. When you close the airlock, be sure to follow them!

Go through the door nearby, take the jeans from the furnace and equip them. Get the candy wrapper from the gum, return to the house and go to the balcony to the east. Go up the stairs and knock on apartment # 28. Nobody will open. Do other things, and the next day visit this place again, but after 9 pm. The smoker will be at home. Talk to him on the balcony, after which he will direct you to apartment number 28. A new assignment, “Take Testimony from a Resurrection Friend,” begins.

Take testimony from a resurrection friend

When the smoker leaves, go to apartment number 28 and talk with a friend. Otherwise, it will disappear. Examine the apartment, take out the robe from the closet, which gives +1 to electrochemistry and drama. There is also a conical hat, which improves logic, but reduces suggestion. Go to a fellow smoker and talk to him. Select the option “You saw the massacre with your own eyes” to find out more details about the events that occurred. The quest will be completed, but you can continue interrogation. Do not speak for Claasier so as not to expose the girl.

Make this wall even more beautiful

There is a wall near the smoker’s house that you can inspect. Take a conceptual check and then talk to Kim, confirming that you know how to decorate this wall. Go to the west balcony where Cindy Skull is, talk to the girl and ask for paint with a brush. Select options:

  • For art
  • Everything around is sad
  • Cool

Save, apply conceptualism, but if you want to get a brush from Cindy, this check must fail. On the third day, when you close the airlock, go to the wrecked car to get the fuel oil. Take the fuel can and walk back to the wall. Choose what to depict on the wall, after which the quest will end. Proceed with Disco Elysium.

Explore the secret corridors of the Dance

To complete this task, you will have to use brute force, hitting the roof through Claesier’s room. Or use the perception to find the key outside the window in the hall with the union. This key will open the blue door on the side of the kitchen. One of the visitors will hand over the key. Go to the kitchen and apply it. Explore the slot machines to learn more about Kim. Say that you will continue to call him by that name, and then take the elevator up. Examine the disassembled slot machine. The hotel belongs to the same Cursed shopping area. Examine the tracks and agree that they are similar to those that you found next to the corpse in the tree. Take the coat from the desk drawer, and then go outside. The quest is complete.

Damn hotel

When you explore the secret corridors of the hotel, a new task is activated. Examine the two rooms so that the police will understand that this hotel is part of the Cursed Trade Zone. Go to the first floor and talk to the manager. Having received new information, cheer up the man, and the quest will end.

Find the murder weapon

When you get a bullet from the corpse, examine it in your inventory, click on each option. Agree with Kim to activate the Find the Murder Weapon objective. Feel the bullet using a bag, examine the object to understand – a bullet with a diameter of 5 mm was found. Complete the coordination check to see where the victim was killed. It was a 4.46 caliber rifle. This caliber was used in the Bull-Magraw rifle model. Talk to Kim to update the quest. You found this rifle earlier in the basement of the bookstore, going there through the back room behind the curtain. But the weapon was broken. You will complete the last part of this task at the end of the game when you go to the island.

Make Titus Tell Where Ruby Is

When you talk to Claassier again, leave the roof and go to the first floor. Ask Titus for Ruby. Tell her that she is the next part of the chain that leads to the killer. Complete the logic check since you have enough evidence, and then tell it behind the secret passage. Choose all the lines, be sure to speak for the rifle, the bullet and Ruby’s feelings for Claasier. Titus will tell you what to do next, which will activate the “Ask About Ruby in the Village” objective. The task will be completed.

Fishing village

Ask about Ruby in the village

When you open the way to the fishermen’s village, talk to the washerwoman in her own house, find out for the suspect, but you cannot get all the information. The hero realizes that the washerwoman is hiding something, so you need to inspect her house. Agree to the offer and receive a room key. You don’t need to pay for a room now. You can spend the night in the fishermen’s village! Go to the washerwoman’s house and take the bullet from under the floor in the corner. Examine the basin on the table, go through a coordination check to shave the detective, and then head outside. Talk to the washerwoman again to find out for Ruby. Talk to three drunks in the village, but you won’t be able to get any useful information. Go to the coast, where you need to find traces of the suspect. You need to study the large mural located near the building near the church.

A new task related to the search for Ruby is activated – “Find Ruby on the coast”. Since this quest will block some characters, we will focus on other quests.

What is Anode Dance Music

Go to the church behind the fishermen’s village, head east and talk to Asel. Ask her for the music club. Learn what anode dance music is. She will tell you about this new direction, and the quest will be completed.

The riddle of Ay-Kamon

Near the church there is a tent in which a party-goer sits with a radio tape recorder in his hands. If you choose the correct sequence of phrases, you can get new information. The order should be like this:

  • Keep silent.
  • Just keep quiet.
  • Keep silent.
  • Just keep quiet.
  • Keep silent.
  • No, seriously … I don’t think it’s hardcore.

Choose any option, talk to the guy again and point to the following options:

  • Keep silent.
  • Just keep quiet.
  • Keep silent.
  • Just keep quiet.
  • Keep silent.
  • Such hardcore.
  • The question is, what is the question.

Ask all questions to the guy, complete the conversation and assignment.

Help the ravers open a nightclub

There is Andre inside the tent. Shake his hand and ask for plans to open a nightclub. Agree to help with this. Choose a phrase related to water and prohibited substances. Take a skill test to see what the guys are doing. They have a laboratory where they manufacture drugs. Choose any phrases and then decide the fate of the drug dealers. Instead of arrest, you can demand a bribe or just let the guys go. It is pointless to take them to the station. Tell us about what might happen. If they don’t stop. Tell us about the dance club, choose other options and ask for the key to the church. After passing the check, you will catch the item on the fly. If you fail, Andre will give 25 reais.

Talk to Joyce about Gray when Kim is gone

After you part with Kim (at night or by sending him with the body for examination), go to Joyce, which is located on the Martinez promenade. If she is not there, she went to the village of fishermen. If you came to Joyce with Kim, you will have to ask him to move away for a while. Moreover, this can be done only through a test of willpower. Talk about reality and choose conceptualization. If you have studied the thought “Zhavemu”, then the check will be simplified. Talk for Gray, choose different options, and then the quest will be completed. You will receive a lot of new data on the structure of the world order in the game universe.

Meet Lilienne at World’s End

When you talk to Lilienne in the fishermen’s village, you can ask her out on a date. You must pass the suggestion test. In order not to be mistaken, first save. Examine the mural on the church building. Invite the girl while Kim is not around. Using the skill, go to the lighthouse at the End of the Earth. It is in the north, at the very edge of the peninsula. If you delay, the girl will simply leave there. Apologize and say:

  • It seems like I spend too much time alone
  • Wait a minute

The same mural

Think of Tequila, give your name and tell us about the “Sun”. Talk about politics, use conceptualization and choose a phrase about the sun and 20 years. You will receive a 115mm saber from the girl.

Find the buoy Claasier mentioned and explore its contents

Go to the church near the village of fishermen, go around the building on the left and you will see the coast. Examine the buoy, but there will be nothing useful in it. Someone has already taken things. Or is Claassier cheating?

Find a proletarian husband

Follow the canal to the fishermen’s village, find the church and go to the pier. At the very end there will be a corpse of the unknown. Explore the nearby trash can and chat with Kim. Choose any phrases to understand – the man died as a result of alcoholic intoxication (his leg got stuck on the bridge, and he could not get out). Perhaps this is the husband of the proletarian. To prove this, point to the victim’s jacket that matches the description given by the woman. If you come here without Kim, the goal “Return with Kim to the corpse” is activated. That is, you still have to visit this place with your partner. Search the corpse to receive a reading room ticket.

Corpse on the pier

You need to go to your partner’s car and contact the Jemrock public library to establish the identity of the deceased. Use the radio to find out your home address. Report for the corpse found in the quest above. Tell them to investigate. Go to the backyard, enter the residential building and look at the second floor. Knock on the right door of the east wing, at the very end. It used to be locked. Talk to Kim and enter the apartment. Chat with the proletarian, use empathy, and then report the passing of her husband. Support the proletarian, and then tell me when she can take the corpse of her husband. Go outside and talk to Kim. Quest completed!

Take a statement from the union chairman

The path to Erwart

To complete the task, go to the port using the passage in the Kuno house, which is behind the hotel. Try to get your cloak, use balancing act and thanks to a successful check you will be able to get over the fence. Take the RGM cloak, which gives +1 to the police wave and awe. Go to the nearest room behind the green door, examine all the objects and take the note from the cabinet. Go outside, go straight until you find Leo. Enter the container nearby and talk to Evrart Clare. Conduct an interrogation, select each phrase and gather information. The task will be completed.

Evrart will ask you to collect a signature and give you a card that you can use to enter and exit the port.

Open the room door for Erwart

This task is a continuation of the quest associated with the interrogation of the union leader. Talk to Manana again in the harbor and ask him for the key. He will give it back immediately. This is the key to an apartment with a greenhouse behind the hotel. Ask the remaining questions to Manana and go to the apartment. To get there, go around the hotel and head northwest to the place where Joyce was found on the pier. Go to the yard behind the fence, go to the door and knock on it. Talk to Kim. You will have the option not to open the door, but lie to Erwart instead. It requires a lot of drama. If you open the door, you will find a shirt and a mug inside, similar to the one that you found earlier.

Lie to Erwart or not, you have three story options. It doesn’t matter what you tell him, because you will earn 70 experience points anyway. Before you leave, Erwart will ask for one more favor – to collect two signatures that will allow him to build a youth center in Revahol. For this you will receive a white envelope. If you need a pistol, you have to complete the task.

The same Erwarth Claire

Collect two signatures for Erwart

After getting the white envelope and access to the fishermen’s village, go there and talk to the washerwoman. She will not be able to lie. One way or another, you have to tell the truth behind the signature. She will say that she is ready to sign if Lilienne does. You can find her a little northeast of the washerwoman. Show the girl an envelope and she will sign it, thinking it’s a good idea. Return to the washerwoman and use the suggestion (14) to convince her to sign. Otherwise, you can take the signature from the person who lost the jacket, but you will have to give him the pen of the kind green monkey. Send the envelope using the mailbox next to the hotel, meet with Erwart and ask the detective for the gun. He will say that the old woman has the weapon. Collect the pistol as part of a separate quest.

Special borsch

Standing next to Claire’s container, talk to Leo. The selected phrases do not affect anything. Think of the list you found earlier, which triggers this quest. Follow the chef in the hotel kitchen, talk to him to complete the mission. You can take a portion of the signature borscht and get the Gorontia tincture.

Find Ruby on the coast

Before completing the mission, stock up on items that restore health. You will have to fully explore the coast, which will increase your chances of passing the check with the mural located near the church.

After passing the check, you will find two entrances to the building – through the sewer pipe and the stairs leading up. The first option requires 15 brute strength, and the second requires a different skill. Go down from the roof, turn on the flashlight. There is a jacket in the eastern part of the room. There is a service entrance in the western part. Let Kim in through it. If the task “Determine where the shot was fired” is active, examine the small window under the ceiling and the bunk bed to trigger the thought “Visual calculus”. This will update the task. Leave the hidden room and head north. At the first fork, turn east and follow the path north. A thought will appear about the threshold of pain, and a dialogue with Kim will also start.

Pay attention to Kim’s words, as if you go further north you will get a point of no return for several NPCs!

Once you meet Ruby, you will no longer be able to access the following characters:

  • Joyce
  • Evrart Claire
  • Several members of the Hardy gang
  • Lena and her husband Morell
  • Skull Members

Before meeting Ruby, complete all the tasks of these characters. Continue west until you see another fork. First, head west to pick up reals and a polar anorak (+1 composure) from a concrete pipe sticking in the sand. Then return to the fork and head north to find Ruby. For the next part of the assignment, you need to maximize the pain threshold. If you can, do a pain threshold check of 10. Continue heading northeast, where you will encounter Ruby, who attacks the detective with a white noise device. Interrogate her, but remember that it will harm your health. That is why I asked to take medicines with me. She will add details to the information she received from Claesier. Ultimately, Kim will decide that Ruby is innocent.

After interrogating and selecting all of the available dialogue phrases, allow Ruby to escape or take her by surprise with a red pain threshold check (10) to destroy the device. As a result, Ruby will want to kill herself, but you can stop her by passing a red rhetoric check (12) and still letting her escape. If you can’t dissuade the girl, you can take her pistol (A80 Pepperbox). After all, examine Ruby’s tent (leave the flashlight on) to find the girl’s journal. Check it out for 70 experience points and learn more about motives. It’s time to head back to your hotel and move on to the next stage of Disco Elysium!

Return to Dancing in Rags

This mission will be a sequel to Find Ruby on the Coast. Take a weapon with you just in case. Maximize several parameters including rhetoric, logic, reaction speed, authority, hand coordination, and so on. There will be many red checks. The end of the game is still far away, but if you fail some kind of red check, you may lose some character. For example, Kim. Return to Dancing in Rags, where you will find Titus quarreling with the mercenary (the third one Ruby mentioned) and his buddies. The real chaos begins after you try to pass a red hand-eye coordination check (12).

Let’s get ready:

  1. Pass the red rhetoric check (12) to gain a +1 to your hand-eye coordination check.
  2. You can also receive another +1 bonus on hand-eye coordination checks if you previously asked the leader about the victim’s tattoos.
  3. Get another bonus by saying that they are all drunk and that their judgment is broken.
  4. The next bonus can be obtained through a red suggestion check (13), but only if previously asked for tattoos on the victim’s body.
  5. A +2 bonus to coordination checks can be obtained by fully assimilating the mind of the Fairweather T-500.
  6. And of course, don’t forget to equip any garments that improve coordination.

If the situation escalates to the point that shooting is about to begin, you can use logic (11) to understand that they are pursuing Hardy’s vigilantes, since they publicly confessed to killing their commander. Attempts to convince the mercenary will not prevent him from shooting (although he will deliberately miss). If you broke up peacefully with Claassier, then she can help in the situation. Otherwise, she will flee right before the mercenaries appear. You will have to make a suggestion check (13) or shoot the mercenary using a hand-eye coordination check (requires a 9mm bullet from the fishermen’s village).

PCs with a high level of inner empire and a terrible tie have an alternative option – a ghost bomb.

If you shoot a mercenary with a hand-eye coordination check (12), dodge the oncoming fire. Another enemy will attack, and you will need to make a red reaction speed check (20) to dodge it. Finally, a final authority check (11) will have to be done to determine what happens to Kim. Hope you have established a strong bond with your partner by now. Then you will plunge into darkness. When you wake up, the game will take you two days ahead. If passed the authority check, Kim will join you. Ask Kim what to do next. In the end, you will come to a joint decision – to check out Claesier’s room.

Examine the window in Claesier’s room

This task will be a continuation of the previous mission. Visit Claassier’s rooms again and examine the table to find a note from the girl, in which she claims that she did not kill the victim, and there is a gift for us upstairs. Go there and look out the window to see an image of Claassier claiming that the shot was fired from the island. If you previously studied the ruins of a sunken sea fort on the island, using a special device at the bookstore (coins are needed). Return to the roof for the last time to trigger a hand-eye coordination check (10). If you manage to pass it, you will grab objects floating in the air. Examine the dried flowers in your inventory to start a conversation with your partner. Click on all the phrases to activate the new bell quest. To get to the island, Kim or Kuno will suggest going to the coast of a fishing village.

Find a jacket

There is a group of three people to the west of the house on the coast. Talk to one of them, ask for the missing jacket to activate the quest. Touching his jacket and failing the check will result in morale damage (and could potentially lead to the end of the game). You can find the jacket in the northeast, to the right of the mural, on the boardwalk. If you bring it right away, then the man will refuse to accept it, saying that it is dirty. Bring the jacket north to the washerwoman to wash the clothes. This will take about 30 minutes. You will receive a windbreaker. If you try to return it to the character, he will again reject your efforts, allowing him to keep the item. In any case, you will receive 15 experience points.

We leave for the island

Island (game ending)

This quest will be a continuation of the quest related to the study of Claesier’s room. In the village, chat with Lilienne, this time asking for the boat. She will allow you to use it, but also advise you to interact with the children (the Lilienne twins; talk to learn about the island). By doing this, you will receive 10 experience points.

Then there will be a point of no return!

After you leave, all previous tasks will fail, with the exception of those related to sailing to the island. For example, by looking for a murder weapon, but on condition that you have determined where the shot was fired from (from the island). When you’re ready, board the boat at the end of the pier. Lilienne will be standing on it. Hit the road. Once on the island, go up the stairs and go through the main door. Take the shirt from the railing and the scarf from the clothesline. For the next section, you need to maximize suggestion. At least you can kiss “Dolores” (your ex-wife).

If you rest on the bed by the clothesline, you will see a dream. Walk southeast, then east to the ice chain. Head east on the water and meet Dolores. If you have a Headless Horseman figurine from the Swarm’s Lair, you can give it up to gain 10 experience points. Talk to your ex. If you can’t kiss her, she will leave. When you wake up, earn extra experience points and complete the tower rest quest.

There is a fuel tank in the center of the room, where you need to fill in fuel (there is in the fishing huts or look for the southeast exit). This will complete the mission “Find fuel for the generator” and earn 10 experience points. Use the console to open the door to the west. You can turn on the light, but the radio won’t work. Leave the door and take the south exit to the street. First you need to climb the stairs. Take the fuel canister from the small building on the right (if you haven’t, pour the fuel into the tank indoors). Then look through the gap on the wall (interact with the mattress to begin with) and pass the ballistics check to understand that they were shooting from here. Back in the bunker, open the door to the west. Maximize composure, inner empire, and perception. Go northeast and talk to the deserter.

Ask for the pistol and commune for a check bonus. If you fail or fail the check, Kuno will disarm the man.

Take the gun, then ask a question about the weapon. This should be the first question, otherwise the interrogation will become more difficult. Ask for bunkers to get 10 experience points. Pass a self-control check, then find out what he did with the weapon. Speak straightforwardly, do not go on about the deserter. You will earn 70 experience points and complete the Find the Murder Weapon challenge. Hit yourself over the head to remember for May bells and footprints. Then arrest the deserter. Go to the phasmid and try to pass the electrochemistry test (10). It will be easier to do this if you talked to Lena about childhood and put pheromones in a thick layer in the task associated with finding a cryptozoologist. Pass the check by the inner empire to talk to him and gain unique knowledge. Search the place where he stood to collect the helmet from the armor set and scope.

Return to the deserter who is in shock. Leave it on for a while and take the boat back to the mainland. Here you will meet Jean and his target group. Depending on your choices (whether or not to let Claassier go, shooting people, and so on), he can attack you, but if you allow, Kuno will stand up for you. Decide what to do next – defend your career or retreat. In the first case, they will decide what to do with you. You will see the final video shortly.


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