How to exchange resources between different planets in the Dyson Sphere Program

How to exchange resources between different planets in the Dyson Sphere Program

The Dyson Sphere Program is an economic strategy dedicated to space exploration. At some point, you will leave the boundaries of one planet and will carry out interstellar flights. However, for beginners of the genre, mastering a neighboring celestial body can be difficult. In this guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about interplanetary logistics.

In the process of researching new technologies, you will need titanium (Titanium Alloy). It is possible that there will not be enough of it on your first planet. In this case, you will have to fly to another celestial body.

To do this, first of all, you need to master the technology “Interstellar logistic systems”. You will need about 200 units of Titanium Alloy to get it and all the previous technologies that are needed in order for it to open. Then you need to build two Interstellar Logistics Stations, one on each planet.

Buildings and resources needed to build an interstellar logistics system:

  • Planetary Logistics Station;
  • 40 units of titanium (Titanium Alloy);
  • 20 Particle Containers.

Many buildings will require a lot of electricity to function late in the game

As you can see, you also need titanium to construct this building. It will need to be transported to the second planet by hand. When both systems are up, indicate that they are part of a remote network. In addition, it is necessary to indicate which system ensures the sending of resources, and which – their reception. It is desirable to make the main base the receiver.

Then build 20 Logistics Vessels to ensure a permanent transport link between logistics systems. You can limit yourself to one or two ships, but in this case, your replenishment will be too slow. Please note: in the station, in addition to logistics ships, you can build Logistics Drones. But they are limited to one planet, so they are not intended for interstellar travel


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