How to extend the battery life of the PS4 Dualshock 4 controller?

Consoles like the PS4 are the best in technical quality that exists , however, that is not why they are without problems, such as the fact that their controls are easily downloaded. That is precisely why this tutorial is today, so you can learn how to extend the battery life of the DualShock controller.

Although the PS4 is a success, many fans have complained that the controls do not last as long as they should, that is, that after about three hours of play or less they are already downloaded, this is serious, because most gamers play the game. less 6 hours, but thanks that Sony is not stupid has a solution.

Take into account before continuing, that this tutorial is only about tricks for the controller’s battery , it will not help you solve any extra problem (such as the problem of the PS4 when it does not recognize the controller ).

How to extend the battery life of the DualShock controller?

Now, for you to learn how to extend the battery life of the DualShock controller, you have to do a series of tricks which are completely legal and can be performed natively on the Sony console.

The first of these and perhaps the most important is the one that allows you to remove the light bar from the remote, to achieve this, you have to go to the “Settings” menu, then to “Devices”, and finally to “Control and command “, Within it you must go to” Control and brightness “and adjust its specifications to the minimum.

With that everything will be ready. It is said that this trick increases the battery life of your controller by up to 5% more, making it the first one you must do of all those on the list.

Disable vibration and volume to extend life

Two other very effective tricks to extend the battery life of the DualShock controller, are to remove the vibration and the volume of it. It should be noted that this can be counterproductive for the experience in some games, but it is necessary if you want the controller to last longer.

To remove the vibration you have to go to “Settings”, from there go to “Devices”, then to “Controls”, then to “Enable vibration”, within this uncheck the box with the same name.

In the case of volume, you must follow the same route to “Controls”, but when you reach this option you have to choose “Volume control”, in that section you can adjust the volume of the remote, you must set it to minimum.

The automatic switch-off of the remote

A main reason why the PS4 controller does not last at all on is because it does not turn off while the console is still on , which is favorable in some cases and counterproductive in others.

To eliminate this inconvenience and extend the battery life of the DualShock remote control, you must go to “Settings”, within this section go to “Energy saving settings”.

When you have done it, you will notice that the control appears by default to turn off with the console, click on the box that is right there and change this system so that it turns off in a maximum of 10 minutes.

Remote control battery pack

The last trick you can use to make your PS4 controller last longer is to buy batteries, these are official from the Play but not made by Sony but by the Venom company. These batteries will add up to 20 hours of use to your remote. In the event that you do not want to buy them then you will have to buy an extra remote from the official store.

And voila, with that you read you know everything you need. So now you can dedicate yourself to looking for other things about the controllers such as: how to use and connect the PS4 controller to the PC.

Or also, you can find out how to connect, link and pair PS4 controller with Android , so that you have the diversity of using your controls wherever you want. 


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