How to enlarge Android keyboard

Looking for info on how to enlarge Android keyboard ? Here is a complete guide on how to get bigger keyboards on Android.

If you have the keyboard on the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet too small to send your messages and you find it difficult to type accurately, there are third-party apps or pre-installed keyboards that allow you to enlarge the interface in a short time and have a large keyboard.

Making mistakes when typing because the keys are too small is a common problem. The advantage of owning an Android mobile device is that you can easily zoom in on the phone keypad and see the larger letters and numbers. That’s why if you want to save time and optimize your typing technique, you should continue reading this tutorial, you will find out how to enlarge the Android keyboard in a few simple steps.


  • How to enlarge android keyboard
    • How to enlarge the Samsung keyboard
    • How to enlarge the Huawei keyboard
  • How to enlarge Android keyboard with third party apps
    • How to enlarge the SwiftKey keyboard
    • How to enlarge the Gboard keyboard
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How to enlarge android keyboard

To enlarge the phone’s keyboard we took into consideration the Android devices of Samsung and Huawei and the best alternative apps: Swiftkey and GBoard . However, if you are interested in learning more about the topic and learning about other keyboards for Android, I suggest you read our guide on the best Android keyboards for tablets and smartphones .

How to enlarge the Samsung keyboard

For Samsung Android smartphones or tablets,   the procedure for enlarging the keyboard is simple. You need to go to Settings> General management> Language and input . Then tap on Screen Keyboard to check which is the default keyboard on your mobile device.

In case it was the Samsung keyboard , plug it on and then press on Style and layout . Then go to Size and transparency and drag the adjustment bars on the sides of the keyboard to adjust their size. To also change the characters and have large keys, go back to the previous screen and go to the Keyboard character size and move the cursor on the bar towards the + . At the bottom click on the Show keyboard button to preview the result.

Another interesting option is Keyboard to contr. high to change the size and colors of the keyboard and improve its visibility.

How to enlarge the Huawei keyboard

For Huawei phones you can enlarge the keyboard size and fonts by going to the Settings> Advanced settings> Language and input menu . Select the Huawei Swype keyboard , among the predefined keyboards and immediately after go to the items: Themes> Keyboard height .

Choose the percentage of vertical and horizontal height that you like best by moving the adjustment bars and when finished press OK .

To enlarge the characters, on the other hand, you have to tap on Word list font size , move the adjustment bar to the right and press OK .

How to enlarge Android keyboard with third party apps

If the magnification settings of the phone’s native keyboard do not fully satisfy you, I recommend that you resort to third-party keyboards . Below you will find the ones that we believe are the best for Android to date.

How to enlarge the SwiftKey keyboard

Usually those who own a Huawei mobile device have Microsoft Swiftkey as their native keyboard . Otherwise you can download it from the Play Store and follow in detail the procedure on how to enlarge the Android keyboard .

  • From your smartphone, tap on Settings> General management> Language and input.
  • Then stop on the On-Screen Keyboardoption .
  • If you have Microsoft’s keyboard as your default, tap Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard.
  • Immediately after that tap Layout and keysand then the Resize item .
  • Now test your setup by dragging the blue sliders on the sides of the Swiftkey virtual keyboard.

The same change can be applied directly from the typing menu in a messaging app:

  • Open the WhatsApp app.
  • On the on-screen keyboard, tap on the menu at the top right ( the three horizontal dots).
  • In the menu that appears, tap Resize.
  • Choose the keyboard size you want.

Once you have set the keyboard in the size you prefer, press the OK button to make the changes effective.

By logging in with a Microsoft account you will be able to make the most of all the features of this virtual keyboard.

How to enlarge the Gboard keyboard

The procedure for enlarging the Google keyboard is quite similar to the one just explained for the Microsoft keyboard.

If you have Google’s default keyboard, Google GBoard , always go to the Settings of the Android mobile device following this path:

  • Settings> General management> Language and inputOn-screen keyboard .
  • Tap on the Gboarditem In case you don’t see it, go to + Keyboard Management and move the lever on Gboard from OFF to ON .
  • Press on the item Preferencesand then on Keyboard height .

Here you can select the last option: Very high , or choose other smaller ones, among: High , Medium / High , Normal and so on. As soon as you select the size that is ideal for you, the saving will be automatic.

At this point, by typing some text on a messaging app such as WhatsApp or Telegram, you can immediately use the new keyboard with the size you set.


Have you discovered all the methods to resize the keyboard size, but also discovered that the keyboard does not suggest or remember the words you type?

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