How to change the keyboard of my Android

One of the most used applications on the mobile phone is the one that corresponds to the keyboard, since although today there are voice assistants that facilitate transcribing texts, sending messages or email, it is always necessary to perform certain actions directly in writing , so sometimes it is used to change the application of the factory installed keyboard by default, in other cases it is only a matter of having a keyboard with personalized and different designs.

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  1. Can my original Android keyboard be changed?
  2. Advantages of changing the keyboard on your Android phone
    1. Esthetic
    2. Writing method
    3. Personalization features
  3. What keyboards come pre-installed on my device?
  4. From where can I adjust the keyboard of my mobile?
    1. In the keyboard app
    2. From the notification bar
    3. In the system settings
  5. How can I activate the Google keyboard in WhatsApp?

Can my original Android keyboard be changed?

Android devices have been characterized by allowing users to make changes and modifications to the pre-installed applications from the mobile settings directly or through the option of being a Root user, and the keyboard application is no exception, so depending on from the manufacturer, we can install a keyboard application from the store and set it as the default.

Advantages of changing the keyboard on your Android phone

There is a great variety of keyboard applications available in stores, some of these with professional functions such as SwiftKey and Gboard, others are more inclined to present variety in design and image, the truth is that all have advantages to offer such as:


A weighty option to consider for many users, especially the youngest, who want a striking, different and personalized design to their liking, with a variety of sizes, colors and themes to choose from.

Writing method

Some keyboards pre-installed in the devices do not have functions such as gestural writing, writing done by sliding the finger on the keyboard, which can lead to the change of it for an updated one that presents it.

Personalization features

Third-party keyboard apps offer a lot of flashy configuration options that may not be found on our original keyboard, such as the option to send GIFs, translate between languages, or search for terms on Google.

What keyboards come pre-installed on my device?

Currently one of the pre-installed keyboards in most Android devices is the Google or Gboard keyboard, we can also find the TouchPal keyboard, in some cases the manufacturers have particular applications, such as Xiaomi, which has its own keyboard called Sogou , which presents Chinese characters by default, in other cases it has the TalkBack braille keyboard.

From where can I adjust the keyboard of my mobile?

There are several methods to install and activate a new keyboard or return to the one you originally had on your mobile, either from the notification bar, from the keyboard App, or from the system settings.

In the keyboard app

To install or activate a keyboard from the App itself, we must first access the applications on the mobile , we do this by entering the configuration option, we enter the keyboard that we are going to activate or configure and select the action to execute.

From the notification bar

On some computers, when using the keyboard , a notification is activated in the upper bar, when selecting it, the options will appear to change the current keyboard for those available in the system, just select the new keyboard to use and the change is made immediately.

In the system settings

This method is common to all Android devices, it consists of entering the system settings , in the configuration menu and selecting the language option and input or text input, once there you must locate the virtual keyboard option, and manage keyboards , here all the keyboards available to activate on the mobile will appear, you can choose between activating more than one or leaving only one active.

How can I activate the Google keyboard in WhatsApp?

Currently many devices have the Google Gboard keyboard pre-installed, however, others do not have this keyboard that has become one of the most popular due to its versatility, functions and features, and the continuous update of the developer. In these cases, the first thing we must do is download and install the application on our mobile and then use it in the messaging applications or any other that we want.

To download the application, it is recommended to do it from the official Google Play Store, once downloaded we proceed to the configuration , we will enter the configuration menu of the equipment and we will look for the applications option, when entering the list of applications installed in the team look for Gboard, select enable and then accept, enter Gboard again and select the input method.

We select the Gboard option in the pop-up menu to use its functions in the application of your choice, you can configure the operating options of your keyboard before starting, such as changing the language , this option allows you to activate more than one language and set the form of change between these.

You can also configure the theme of your preference and adjust the appearance of the keyboard that you like the most or you can select the automatic option and allow the keyboard to adapt to the configuration of your mobile, as well as the actions to be executed on the keyboard such as the action by pressing the space bar twice, moving the cursor or the keys for shortcuts, once the configuration is done, the keyboard will be available for use in WhatsApp.


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