How to Check the Function of an Android Charger

Nowadays, practically all people carry their mobile device everywhere, which has revolutionized interpersonal communications, there are so many activities that can be carried out on a smartphone today that it is very common that we have to connect it to the electrical network at least once a day to recharge the battery.

It is also common that if we are going to be away from home for long periods of time we not only carry our cell phones, but also the battery charger. Frequent coupling and disconnection to our equipment, especially if sufficient care is not taken, generates as a consequence some failure in the charger. But how to check the operation of an Android charger and verify that it is in good condition? In the following lines we present you how to do it in a simple way.

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  1. What should we take into account when buying a charger?
    1. Type and quality
    2. Fast charge
  2. What are the benefits of using a fast charge charger?
  3. What is the best application to check the status of a charger?
  4. What can happen to a cell phone if it is not charged with the original charger?

What should we take into account when buying a charger?

When buying a charger for our mobile device, it is necessary to take into account a series of technical parameters compatible with our smartphone, such as voltage, amperage, type of connector. As far as possible, we recommend that you purchase the ones presented by the manufacturer of your equipment, but if not, you can also take into account:

Type and quality

There are different types of chargers on the market, the wired ones (they are connected through an adapter and a cable to the electrical network) which in turn will depend on the type of connection port between the device and the charger , among these we can have micro USB , type C, although the former are usually the ones that have been most widely disseminated by manufacturers, the most recent devices are inclined towards the use of type C.

There are also wireless chargers that do not connect any type of cable to the device , but by means of electromagnetic induction, an emitting device sends the necessary energy to recharge the battery. However, it is necessary that you verify that your device is compatible with the charger and, if possible, test it.

As for the quality of the chargers and like any other object there are different types of quality, which will vary according to the cost of the charger. Always try to acquire the ones recommended by the manufacturer of your equipment or, failing that, consult the brand of the same on the web so that you can have a reference. Remember that “cheap is expensive”.

Fast charge

The usual chargers tend to do it slowly (2 hours at least), however in recent years the so-called fast charge chargers have appeared on the market, which in less than 30 minutes you can have your battery full. But this technology is not available for all devices, but for the latest generation, since it is carried out when the charger and the phone establish the ideal channel for charging, optimizing the voltage and intensity of the transmission current. .

If your smartphone does not have this technology, the charger will work at the usual rate (5 volts is the most frequent). In any case, verify that your device is compatible before buying a charger of this type.

What are the benefits of using a fast charge charger?

Undoubtedly, when using a fast-charging charger , the main benefit is that you can have enough power in your mobile device in less time, that is, you do not need 3 and 4 hours to restore the full charge of your device. With this type of charger you can do it in a quarter of the time that a usual one does.

Also due to the type of technology it uses, where the devices establish the best voltage and current intensity values, it can better tolerate fluctuations from your electricity provider and provide some protection to your smartphone.

What is the best application to check the status of a charger?

If you suspect that your charger is faulty you can check its condition through a web application, we particularly recommend the popular application ‘Ampere’ which many users consider ‘the best application’ to verify that your device is charging effectively. You can find it in the Play Store

What can happen to a cell phone if it is not charged with the original charger?

It is best to charge your mobile battery with the original charger that comes with your device or, failing that, with suitable chargers manufactured by the same manufacturer as your equipment. However, these are usually more expensive and you will probably want to look for a generic one that is much cheaper.

In this case you must make sure that it works with the same technical parameters as the original charger, that is to say that the voltage, input and output amperage are the same as that of the original charger, as well as the connection port are compatible. Otherwise, your device may not turn on when connecting the charger or even worse, it may be damaged by an excess of voltage, leaving it completely out of service.


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