How to turn on or off the keyboard sound of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android

Since the creation of mobile phones and despite the evolution that they have undergone, there are some aspects in them that are characteristic and have not changed at all. And we are talking about the sound that the keyboard emits when pressing on any key. And as we know that for many it is necessary to be able to eliminate this sound. We are going to teach you how to activate or deactivate the sound of the keyboard on iPhone phones.

How to Activate or Deactivate the Keyboard Sound of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android

The idea of ​​this sound when pressing any key is that the person who is writing with it knows or understands that they have pressed a letter. And this just by listening to the sound, but nowadays we write almost blindly and for most it is not necessary to hear that we have pressed a key. Although even for many if it is necessary to hear this sound.

But it turns out that sometimes that sound that the keyboard emits every time any key is pressed can be very annoying . Especially if you are in a place where you must be silent and everyone realizes that you are writing a message. And to deactivate it it will be as simple as putting the keyboard in Arabic .


  • Steps to turn off the keyboard sound
  • Steps to activate keyboard sound on iPhone
  • Steps to disable keyboard sound on Android

Steps to turn off the keyboard sound

All smartphones have an option that allows you to activate or deactivate the sound of the keyboard in a very simple way. But in this article we will take care of explaining what are the steps to follow for Apple devices . Let’s see then what must be done so that this function is silenced once and for all.

As a first step is to go from the home screen we are going to go to the settings panel and from there we are going to enter the Sound and vibrations section . Once we are inside this window we must move to the end of it. Where we will find different options that will allow us to disable other sounds and adjust the vibration of the mobile .

But we must stop until we locate the option to disable keyboard click, and in this way the keyboard will stop emitting its characteristic sound . Now we have to close these windows to be able to exit and check that the changes have been made. Now when pressing the keyboard we will realize that it does not emit any sound.

Steps to activate keyboard sound on iPhone

In the event that you want to get out of the total silence in which you have plunged your keyboard, it is possible to reverse the deactivation of the sound . And to do this it will only be necessary that you carry out the same steps that we mentioned before. First you must go to the home screen so that you can access the settings panel.

Now the next step is to select the Sound and vibrations option . Where we will have access to the window where we will find the different options to modify the sound and vibrations. But in it we must scroll to the end where we find the option that will allow us to Enable the keyboard click .

And voila, this is the route we must follow in order to activate the keyboard sound on our iPhone device. So if we regret when we have eliminated the sound of the keyboard, we will be able to reverse this action if you follow these simple steps.

Steps to disable keyboard sound on Android

It is very easy and it is not necessary to download the Play Store , what we have to do first will be necessary to enter the Settings of our mobile. Next we must move to the option Sounds and notifications and click on it. Depending on the device, we can find the option Melody and sounds or Other sounds and we must select it.

Now we only have to look for the option Sound of the keyboard or something similar to click on it and be able to deactivate the function. If you want to activate the sound again, go to this section and activate the function.

And in a snap, you’ve learned how easy it is to turn keyboard sound on or off on your device , iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.


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