How to enable ‘nearby sharing’ with Windows 10?

Windows 10 includes a feature that allows you to share photos and other files with nearby devices . This process is done through a wireless network or Bluetooth. Therefore, it is important to know how to turn ‘nearby sharing’ on or off in Windows 10. That’s why this tutorial shows you all the steps to achieve it.

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  1. What requirements must be met to use ‘nearby sharing’?
    1. bluetooth on
    2. Updated operating system
  2. How to enable ‘nearby sharing’ with Windows 10?
    1. In system settings
    2. From the notification center
    3. With the option to share
  3. How to remove ‘nearby sharing’ from Windows 10?

What requirements must be met to use ‘nearby sharing’?

Before you can use proximity sharing in Windows , certain requirements must be met. One of them is to have Bluetooth activated and a recent update. In this way, the function will be available to you with all the improvements that Microsoft has provided.

bluetooth on

First of all, you will need to have Bluetooth enabled on both your source computer and the destination device. Therefore, you will need to access the system settings and click on the ‘Devices’ section. Next, toggle the switch to turn on the Bluetooth option on your PC.

Next, access the settings of your mobile device and click on ‘Connections’. Flip the switch to turn on ‘Bluetooth’ in Windows 10 . Then tap ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’ from the ‘Devices’ section. Wait a few seconds while the pairing between the device and your computer takes place.

Updated operating system

System update is required. To do this, access the settings and select the ‘Update and security’ option. Choose the ‘Windows Update’ section and click ‘Check for updates’. A list of important and optional updates will be displayed on the screen.

How to enable ‘nearby sharing’ with Windows 10?

There are different ways to enable ‘proximity sharing’ with Windows 10. One of these is  to share files with other devices . In this regard, you can choose to run this process in the system settings. Also, you can activate this function from the notification center . You can even enable the feature with the share option.

In system settings

The most common way to enable proximity sharing is to access the system settings. To do so, click on the gear icon that you will find in the start menu. Then press ‘System’ and choose the ‘Shared Experiences’ option. Then, toggle the switch to enable nearby sharing .

From the notification center

You can enable proximity sharing in Windows from the notification center. To achieve this, precisely locate the notification center which is located in the lower right, right next to the taskbar. There, click ‘Nearby Sharing’. Immediately, this option will be highlighted in blue.

With the option to share

You can enable Windows proximity sharing with the share option. To achieve this, search for the document, image or audio/video file that you want to publicize. Then right-click on it and click ‘Share’.

Therefore, a pop-up window with different options will be displayed . There, select ‘Searching for nearby devices’. This must be linked with nearby sharing. In order to follow this alternative, you must verify that both your computer and the device are linked either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

How to remove ‘nearby sharing’ from Windows 10?

It is possible to remove or disable ‘nearby sharing’  in Windows 10. To do this, go to system settings. Then, click on ‘System’ and select the option ‘Shared experiences’ that you will find in the left side panel. Toggle the switch to turn off nearby sharing.

Similarly, you can go to the notification center and click on ‘Proximity sharing’. In effect, the option will return to the color of the menu. The above indicates that the function has been disabled. Lastly, make sure to disable the Bluetooth function of your computer and the target device.

If you don’t want to disable or remove sharing entirely, you can use a middle option. This consists of configuring the devices that can send us files and to whom we can send them. To do this, open Windows settings  to enable and configure Bluetooth with certain devices .


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