How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook Messenger

The dark mode in applications (which changes the white and light tones of the background, for black and other dark tones) is becoming fashionable especially for mobile devices, although desktop systems do not escape it either. And Facebook Messenger is no exception.

The night mode is not visible by default , but is hidden and you have to perform a simple operation to show the option that allows you to activate it .

This is very simple, we could even say that it is childish: you just have to open the application, enter any conversation, and send the emoji of the crescent (🌙):

Next, we close the application and reopen it. Now, we click on the icon of our profile to access the configuration and, in this, we can first see a new option corresponding to the activation of dark mode:

What can we achieve thanks to the activation of the dark mode in Facebook Messenger? Well, first of all, a small saving in the battery of our mobile, since showing the white and light tones requires more consumption by having to illuminate more screen.

On the other hand, it also facilitates a more comfortable reading of the contents of the screen in environments with little light or when it is at night, since the excess of light with respect to the environment (to which the eyes have already become accustomed) emitted by the light White, it bothers us when reading the screen, and tires the eyes when having to readjust the pupils from an excess of light to a poor environment in this and vice versa.

It is possible that in some terminal, this function is not yet available


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