How to edit video on a smartphone

To become famous on social networks, you need to instantly react to what is happening in the world. And you don’t always have time to create videos on your computer . And given that mobile applications are practically on par with PCs in terms of capacity, for most tasks it is enough to have only a finished video and a mobile phone. Then everything will be done by one of 8 programs for editing video on a smartphone.


With KineMaster, there is no need to think about the order in which to add clips – here the function of non-linear editing is available. Imperfect light can be corrected with color correction, and unnecessary objects are cropped in one click.

You can also add handwritten text – a choice for those looking for a replacement for the usual fonts. And the possibility of voiceover allows you to create content at the level of top youtubers.

So this editor is suitable for everyone who loves to “sweat” over the video editing. At the same time, it is also suitable for beginners who are not particularly versed in such programs, but want to learn how to work with video. Having passed the “school” KineMaster, the user will be ready to move on to weighty programs on the PC.

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An app that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver engaging social media videos.

All the user needs to do is:

  1. Add video 
    To have something to edit.
  2. Select a background track from the application library 
    One that will convey the “energy” of what is happening.
  3. Choose an editing style 
    More than 10 styles are available in the application, including “fashion”, “country”, “travel”, etc.

The program will trim the videos itself, so as to create an exciting video sequence. In the free version, the maximum length of videos is 2.5 minutes. To increase the length of the video and remove the logo, you will have to subscribe.

Adobe premiere rush

This video editor is part of the Adobe family of applications. Its peculiarity lies in synchronization with other programs of this manufacturer. And there are many of them: from the familiar Photoshop and Premiere Pro to highly specialized apps in the style of AdobeXD and InDesign.

Therefore, it is suitable for those who have already gotten used to working with video on a PC – after all, the interface of this program is a simplified Premier. In general, Premiere Rush is available on both phones and computers, so you can finish what you start on your phone in front of a large monitor.

And from here comes one of the main advantages of the program – the possibility of nonlinear editing. You can edit and drag videos on your smartphone as you like, cutting them up and down, or as you please. The maximum you can add to the project:

  • 4 video tracks 

Any pictures, video, footage, animation.

  • 3 audio tracks 

This can be either the original track from the video, or music or sound effects.

Advanced color correction is available – while shooting, you do not need to worry about a too yellow light bulb. All this can be fixed in one click! And then immediately export the finished video to social networks.

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Movavi clips

Another application for non-linear editing. Here you can easily cut a video, arrange the pieces in any order and brighten it all up with music. At the same time, you can add both your own audio and any track from the application’s audio library. There is also an opportunity to add any stickers with emoji and enable rewind and slow-mo mode.

An excellent choice for beginners, as it provides a full-fledged course for “dummies”, and the brand’s YouTube channel regularly publishes training videos showing new features.

The disadvantage of the app is that the app watermark remains on the rollers. But with a monthly subscription, you can get rid of it.


One of the most popular programs for editing video on the phone, in which you can work with videos, pictures and even gifs. She can create collages and videos for social networks. Moreover, the application can blur the background, which gives the illusion of shooting with a DSLR camera, even with budget smartphones.

Insta bloggers love InShot for its range of social media templates. Alas, it adds a watermark to the finished videos. But you can get rid of it by purchasing the premium version.

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Simple and straightforward app for creating posts on social networks. With its help, you can glue several videos into one, add transitions and filters.

By choosing overlay effects, you can get breathtaking clips in the style of your favorite clips and TV shows. And the addition of any stickers and emoji will further convey the spirit of what is happening.

If you need to crop a frame, here it is done in one click. The video is immediately exported to social networks: from Facebook to Twitter and TikTok.


A program from the creators of GoPro. Here you can do the following:

  • add transitions,
  • use several audio tracks at once,
  • glue different videos together,
  • make transitions.

The only solid drawback is that the app is available only on iOS. Owners of Android smartphones will have to look for other programs.

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A smart editor that can compete with computer and laptop versions in terms of functionality. Indeed, in addition to the usual functions such as adding effects, titles and filters, this kid can do the following:

  1. Working with chromakey 
    You can move yourself to any (even non-existent) place. To do this, just shoot a video on a green (or blue) background, then remove it using the Chroma function and put a picture or video in its place.
  2. Working with video in 4K
    Editing videos with mega-high resolution is not only the prerogative of the PC.
  3. Effects of double exposure 
    You can superimpose several images on top of each other, creating an unusual picture.
  4. Working with Google Disk 
    With the ability to download the desired material from the cloud and upload ready-made videos in one click.

Such a variety can easily scatter your eyes! And in order not to get confused in abundance, we have compiled a pivot table where you can analyze the chips of each of the programs.

Program Platforms Non-linear editing capability Additional features The presence of a watermark in the basic version
KineMaster Android, iOS Yes 1. Adding handwritten text Yes  
2. Dozens of video tutorials about working with the program from the manufacturer
Movavi clips 1. Large built-in audio library  
2. Lots of video tutorials
Adobe premiere rush Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS 1. Full synchronization with other Adobe products No  
2. You can start editing on a PC and continue on a mobile and vice versa.
PowerDirector 1. Working with chroma key  
2. Editing 4K video
3. Fine-tuning double exposure
Magisto Android, iOS No Auto-editing – enough to throw videos, select a track and editing style – the program will further tweak Yes
InShot 1. Working with Gif-files  
2. In addition to working with video, you can also work with pictures
FilmoraGo Advanced crop tools
Splice iOS Synchronization with GoPro products

Now you can become a hero of your time, having only a phone. These video editing apps will help any of us become a full-fledged blogger. So download them and start creating!

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