Video Summary of the Year on Facebook: How to Edit It

Facebook has always been the number one leader in social networks thanks to its form of communication and interaction with other users that allows it to be the favorite.

In addition, their ways of reinventing themselves are unique, everything is to improve the user experience, so that they feel more comfortable, confident and happy.

Previously, Facebook did not have so much entertainment, it was always the profile photo and the publications, but with the new updates Facebook surprises its users with a special short video to commemorate unique moments and festivities, such as Valentine’s Day, your birthday, anniversaries and the summary video of the year.

The latter being very popular at the time of December of each year, since all users decide to share it to say goodbye to the year and remember everything they experienced and reflected through the Facebook platform as the most outstanding publications.

A small summary directed or oriented for your friends will allow you to break through among your contacts especially if you have more than 5000 friends on Facebook exceeding the limit that highlights your reputation.

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  1. Why does Facebook make a video about my profile every year?
  2. What can I do to get my annual video summary?
  3. How can I edit my video compilation of the year?
  4. How can I see my memories on Facebook?

Why does Facebook make a video about my profile every year?

The video summary of your profile indicates that it ‘s been 12 months or 365 days in which tea have spent a lot of things that would be very important to remember.

And that is the connection that Facebook intends to obtain with users, so that they feel shocked and identified with each action that the platform performs.

Old posts, moods, photo tags, accepted friend requests, statuses, reminders, updates, everything that was most relevant to you according to the Facebook robot will be useful for making the video.

What can I do to get my annual video summary?

To search for your video you must write in the upper search bar ” ” Year in Review “ from Facebook. Selecting it will automatically create your summary video for you to share.

In this way your video should already appear there as long as Facebook has generated it for you, but you must remember that this option comes out in December approximately the 10th or close to this date, if it does not appear, it may not yet be generated for you.

But if it is the case, if it appears from there, you can share it with your entire Facebook community and that they are also part of it.

How can I edit my video compilation of the year?

Although it is nice to remember moments, there are some that we may not like and you may want to modify the summary video of the year before publishing it for your friends, so the way to modify it is from the top right of the video in the “Edit” button, for later:

  1. Choose a new profile photo from the video editing, keep in mind that you can only choose from those that you have already published.
  2. Replace old posts with other ones, so you’ll have to choose it from a chronologically ordered list.
  3. Also, you can replace your list of friends that appear in the video, touching their photo to unmark it and mark someone else.
  4. If you are already satisfied with the result you can share it.

How can I see my memories on Facebook?

Another very popular option that Facebook offers is to remember moments, posts, photos and videos shared on the same date in subsequent years.

“A day like Today” shows the current date and the comparison of the year of publication so that you can share it with your friends within the platform and they can remember just like you.

Access from the news section a marker that says “This day” or “a day like today.”

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