Can you edit a private TikTok video?

Those who already know the TikTok application perfectly know that, when publishing content on this platform, it gives us the option to edit the video that they are about to upload. In this case we are facing an issue that involves a publicationZ, but can we edit a private TikTok video?

First of all, it should be remembered that videos that have already been published cannot be edited. That is why, a priori, you cannot edit the videos you have privately. However, there are a few other methods to successfully edit your private TikTok video .

Edit it and upload it again

One of the best solutions to this problem is to download the video, edit it with a video editing tool and upload it again to the TikTok platform. The bad part of this solution is that, when generating a new video, you will not be able to keep the visits and likes of the first video you uploaded. These are the steps to follow to do this:

Step 1:

While in the application, go to your profile and click on your photo in the lower navigation bar.

Step 2:

When you are in your profile, find the video you want to download and edit and select it to open it .

Step 3:

Once inside your video, click on the three-point icon on the right side of your video; then a menu will open at the bottom of your screen.

Step 4:

Once this menu is open, select the first option “Save video” to start downloading your video.

Step 5

When the video is finished downloading, you will see a confirmation tab like this:

Once your video is downloaded, it will already be available in your gallery and you can edit it with any video editing application, or with the same TikTok editing tool, you will receive more help to Edit, publish and delete your video in the Help Center of TikTok

TikTok will allow you to record, edit and upload longer videos. That is why now it is much more important that you edit your TikTok videos very well and that you know that everything is well finished when publishing it. We do not want you to lose your video to which you gave so much effort.

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