How to edit my sites on Google Maps?

Having a GPS is the best way to locate ourselves at all times, wherever we are, thanks to its technology. Today, most smartphones have their own that allows them to collect information about the user in order to create a database that allows them to offer a better experience.

In this article we will explain how to edit your sites, places or businesses on Google Maps , as well as teach you how to change their address. Both the home address and the work address are data that we can change whenever we want, considering that Google can assign it automatically according to our history.


  • How to edit my sites on Google Maps?
  • How do I delete my sites from Google Maps?
  • Why is it good to keep my sites updated on Google Maps?
  • Provide quality content to Google Maps

How to edit my sites on Google Maps?

Editing your sites in Google Maps is not difficult at all and you can do it in a matter of minutes . You just have to follow the following steps to achieve it:

  • We will enter the application.
  • We will click on the three horizontal lines that are in the upper left part.
  • A menu will be displayed where we will have to select “Your sites”.
  • We will select those that are in the three points, a menu will appear in which we will have to click on “Edit home”.
  • At this time, we will have to place the Google Maps indicator on the location that we want to place as a home.
  • Once the location is established, we will click on “Save”, and that’s it.

This process is very simple as long as you know what your home address is . If you still have doubts, you can read the Google support to have more concise information on this topic. You will find more details on how to delete your home address.

You can also edit your work address by following the same steps as before. On the other hand, to change the list of sites, places and businesses that you have visited, you will have to do it from the location history of Google Maps. That way you can delete all the entries that you don’t want to keep in the registry.

How do I delete my sites from Google Maps?

Like editing them, deleting them is something very simple to do so we must follow the following easy steps:

  • We will access the application.
  • We will click on the 3 lines located in the upper left part.
  • In the menu, click on “My sites”.
  • We will click on the 3 vertical points next to the site.
  • We will select “Remove”to remove the tag from the site.

As you can see, it is quick to do this so that you have on your sites only the places that you consider you should have. However, when deleting a site you can still add it back simply by placing a marker on it and selecting the option to save to “My Sites” .

Why is it good to keep my sites updated on Google Maps?

Now we will talk about what we can do if we have our home and work address up to date , as well as all the sites that we want to have saved. But to be able to do the latter, we must know how to save a location in Google Maps so that we can record all the ones we want.

Let’s start by mentioning that we can know the distance between two points or the extension of a route , through the indicators that we place. Therefore, having an indicator before allows us to only have to place one to know the distance between these two points.

Likewise, having a list of the places you like to frequent is a good idea when you go out for a walk, being able to directly plan a route that passes through all or some of them . Remember that in order to use the Google Maps GPS service in real time you must have GPS activated on your mobile or PC.

Provide quality content to Google Maps

Google Maps according to your location history will send you questions about them to get a better idea of ​​what is there. Rating businesses and creating entries for them can help them grow significantly, making them easier to find.

On the other hand, you can even contribute photos, answer questions or ask questions so that other users have a better reference when looking for information on a site. Google Maps even allows you to change the navigation icon for a car so that you feel more comfortable navigating the streets of the city.


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