How to easily download, install, configure and use ConnectBot?

Setting up and using ConnectBot can seem like a challenge for those who do not know a little about programming or computer codes, which is the impression it generates at a glance. The truth is that this application is a simple remote connection server, which generates a link between your Android device and any computer you belong to.

Download ConnectBot

Before you can configure and use ConnectBot , you have to download the application on your Android device, and this can be achieved in two different ways.

From the browser

To achieve this you have to make a query from the browser, placing the name of the application followed by the word APK . This will result in a large number of pages that offer you the possibility of downloading the file in “ apk ” format , this being freemium in nature.

Perform the necessary steps according to the specifications of each site and complete the download process to obtain the installation file.

Now, identify the installer in the files folder of your device and click on it to proceed with the installation (remember to activate the permission for external applications from the settings so that there are no errors).

From the official Android store

Another way to install the application and then proceed to configure and use ConnectBot is through the official Android store, which is included by default in the cell phone. When you enter it you can use the search bar at the top of the window, where you will write the name of the app to continue.

If your device is compatible, it will show you the application as a result of your query, and you only have to enter by clicking on it and selecting the ” Install ” button .

In this way, you just have to wait for it to download completely and then automatically install itself on your device, thus adding itself in the applications menu .

Login, configure and use ConnectBot

With the application installed on your device, you can access it by tapping on its icon, which can be from the app menu or on the main screen of the mobile. Within the program you must choose the drop-down menu, where you will be able to configure and use ConnectBot by adding all the data that they ask for according to the connection.

That said, there are three ways to network with this application, and these are classified as follows: SSH, Telnet, and local . To perform each of these, you will be asked for a different format and amount of information as the case may be.

So, to make the first one, that is, an SSH connection, you must add the username, the host name and finally the port ( user @ host : port). 

For the second option, or linking by Telnet, it turns out that it is a much more simplified process, since only two of the last three mentioned data (host: port) need to be added. On the other hand, for a local connection you simply have to enter the name of the connection and with that you will have completed the creation of it.

How to know the username, host and port?

There are several ways in which you can find out this information, in case you do not have it at hand, one of them is by contacting your internet provider who can provide you with all the necessary information in this regard.

But if you can’t find it for one reason or another, you can still find all this data by entering the command prompt, pressing “Win + R,” then typing “cmd” and pressing ” Enter .” Inside the black screen, you must write the following command “ipconfig / all” that will immediately show you all the information related to the connection you need.


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