How to install and add a printer to Adobe PDF easily?

Many times you can find yourself in the need to add a printer to Adobe PDF , since, sometimes, the installation of it does not happen automatically.

Its compatibility with certain programs that you normally use is not correct, as is the case with the aforementioned program, despite this, there is a way to correct this problem.

Enter the printer manager in the control panel

One of the utilities that Windows has is that it has certain segments that are responsible for managing some functions on the computer. So, to be able to add a printer to Adobe PDF it is necessary to enter, first, the “Control Panel”. Which you can access from the search bar just by typing your name, appearing as a result.

When you enter by clicking on the icon, you will see by default 7 adjustment icons, which are made up of other configuration sections. To more easily find the option in question, you just have to select the link above, where it says “View by ” and change it to the order of “Large icons” .

In this way you can more effectively identify the icon that says “Devices and printers” where you can see the ones installed on your computer.

Add the printer back to the computer

Once inside this configuration panel, you will see a link in the upper left that says “Add printer” that you must select with the mouse pointer.

This will make a pop-up window appear that will begin to identify if the printer is connected, instead, what you have to do is select where it says “My printer is not in this list”.  This will take you to a section in that same window where you must mark the last option, which indicates the manual linking of a device.

Create the port to add a printer to Adobe

Now you will enter the most complicated part of the configuration, and that is the creation of ports, but you should not fear to make a mistake, you simply have to follow the steps and everything will work out as you expect.

What will happen now is that you will advance to the section that asks you to create a port, but what you must do to add a printer to Adobe is to select the box to choose an existing one, where you will choose the option that says “My documents * .pdf (Adobe PDF) ».

To proceed you must select in the next step the option that says “Save to disk” and you will choose the most recent version that you have installed on the PDF converter computer.

If it does not appear as an option, you must search for it among the files on your computer, so you must click on ” Search ” and go to the installation folder of the program.

If you don’t know how to find it, it is usually located in the files on Disk C / Program Files or Program Files / Adobe / AcrobatX / Xtras / AdobePDF.

When selecting this folder, a series of files will open and display, among which you must choose the one named “AdobePDF.inf” and then ” OK “.

Choose the PDF converter to finish

After you’ve done the hard part, you can go back to the step where you finally have to choose the most recent PDF converter that appears on the list. Now you select ” OK ” and it will take you to a last segment, where you will put the last data of the printer, for example, the name, which you can put or let the system use the default.

Finally you can click on ” Next ” and wait for Windows to take care of the corresponding installations , which may take a couple of minutes.

Once this process is finished you will have successfully completed the process to add a printer to Adobe PDF and it will be available for use.


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