Coban GPS TK 103 Locator: How to install and configure

Today there are many methods with GPS to help us recover our stolen devices, but today we will talk specifically about the Coban Tracker tk103 locators, both information and what is it? Until how to install and configure it? It really is not that complicated, you just have to  pay a little attention in each of the steps.

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  1. What is GPS TRACKER TK103?
  2. Main parts that make up the GPS Coban Tracker TK 103
  3. Add-ons included for GPS
    1. External accessories
    2. MicroSD card
  4. Steps to correctly connect GPS Coban Tracker TK103 to a vehicle
    1. Installations in the electrical system of your car
    2. SIM card installation
    3. Power cord
    4. GPS activation
  5. Using SMS GPS Locator Commands
  6. Commands for vehicle location in GPS
  7. GPS monitoring modes Coban Tracker TK 103
    1. Tracker mode
    2. Internal monitoring
  8. Other functions you can use in GPS Tracker
    1. Time zone
    2. IMEI control
    3. Alarm system
  9. Common Faults and Solutions to the GPS Tracker 103

What is GPS TRACKER TK103?

This is a portable satellite positioning system , which does not allow to have different functions of security, positioning, surveillance control, emergency alarms and a complete monitoring of the same.

This new product really has a small and compact size, which really makes it easy to use and handle. Basically for car care and tracking, which is ideal if you have an Amazon flex job title .

In addition, in this product there is compatibility with the SMS / GPRS / data transmission options on the internet , so that in this way the follow-ups made are really correct.

Main parts that make up the GPS Coban Tracker TK 103

The GPS Coban Tracker TK 103 is a compact system with which you can establish various security and surveillance functions for your vehicle. Which consists of a slot to insert a SIM card and a slot to insert a Micro SD memory card.

Socket for the motion sensor and socket for the microphone jack, as well as a microUSB connection to charge the battery. We can also find various connections for accessories and the plug for the GSM antenna, in addition we will find several indicator LEDs and a switch to use the backup battery .

Add-ons included for GPS

In addition to these components, the GPS Coban Tracker TK 103 includes other accessories such as 3 meters of GSM antenna cable . One 10-pin Harnees, 1.5 meter microphone cable, 12V / 40A or 24V / 40A relay. All this to be able to make the different connections to your vehicle yourself and to be able to use the system.

External accessories

On the other hand, you will receive other important accessories to be able to start the surveillance and security system for your vehicle. Among these we can name the remote control, the vibration sensor and the GPS antenna cable.

MicroSD card

The Coban Tracker TK 103 GPS system offers you the possibility of inserting a MicroSD memory to be able to record relevant data such as your position for example. In cases when there is no signal from the GSM network. Which is included additionally when purchasing your GPS, this card has a capacity of 2 GB.

Steps to correctly connect GPS Coban Tracker TK103 to a vehicle

To be able to install or connect this equipment in any car it is necessary that you follow the following steps to the letter.

Installations in the electrical system of your car

Yes, as the title says, to be able to use this equipment it is necessary that it be connected to the electrical network of the car, and to achieve this you must do the following:

  1. The first thing you should do is insert thewiring harness with each of the assigned connections correctly.
  2. Now the cable that has a red color must be connected to the motor assignment, and the yellow cable must be connected to the other end that has been completely alone.
  3. In this way, the feed stream of the automobile fuel pump has already been identified. In the harness there are some cables that are red and black, they are the cables dedicated to powering the car.
  4. This red wire needs to be connected directly to the positive of your car, while the black wire must be connected directly to the negative wire of your car.
  5. On the other hand, the cables dedicated to the SOS buttonor panic button must be installed directly in the equipment.
  6. Now you must connect the blue cable, in order to have a negative door opening connection, while the green cable is for a positive door opening connection.
  7. In this way, when you open any door of your car, the alarm siren will be activated.
  8. Now the white wire must be connected to that of the Switchera, while the orange wire must be connected to the positive of the siren.

SIM card installation

When purchasing a SIM card for these cases, it is necessary to make sure that it can view calls and also that it does not have a pin code . Now the SMS must be in TXT format, as it unfortunately cannot recognize PDUs.

Now you just have to press the button to extract the tray and insert the SIM card into it, once this is done, just press on it carefully to place it.

Power cord

You must connect the red and black wires of 12 Vts or 24 Vts, with the power system of the car. Then it is enough to turn on the equipment in the on / off switch. Where a red led will turn on, it will blink and then it will stay on.

GPS activation

You must send the message ‘begin + password’ to the unit and it will give you the answer ‘begin ok’ in this way all the equipment configurations are activated. The password that commonly comes by default on these computers is 123456

As an example, you must send the SMS in the following way ‘begin123456’, as you will see the plus sign is not included and you must not include the quotation marks.

To modify this password you must send ‘password + oldpassword + space + newpassword’, a clear example of this would be ‘password123456 666666’ and in response to this message you will get ‘password ok’ indicated everything went well. If you have any other questions, you can visit the official manual .

Using SMS GPS Locator Commands

When you operate the GPS system to locate or know the location of your vehicle. You must use commands, which are sent via SMS messages and to start you must send the following message ‘begin123456’. It is important that you always write the messages in lowercase and the numbers refer to the password or key that the system brings from the factory.

Therefore to start using the GPS, you must send a text message with the word begin + the factory password. If you want you can change the password, but it is recommended not to do so to avoid possible system failures . When sending the text message, you will receive the reply of the same ‘begin ok’.

Once you have registered your phone number you can send the following command to receive the exact position of where your vehicle is located. Therefore you must send the command ‘fix060m005n123456’ and you will receive the longitude and latitude as a response . This will be done automatically by the system 5 times every hour.

Commands for vehicle location in GPS

The commands that you will use with your Coban GPS Tracker surveillance and location system are very few and easy to use and are the following:

  • ‘begin123456’ With this command you can start and program the system
  • ‘admin123456 + telephone number’ With this command the telephone number is established as the main
  • ‘fix060m005n123456’ With this command you will receive the position automatically every hour 5 times in a row
  • ‘fix060s *** n123456’ With this command you will receive the position of your vehicle every 60 seconds

GPS monitoring modes Coban Tracker TK 103

The Coban Tracker TK 103 GPS uses two ways of monitoring your vehicle, the Tracker Mode and the Monitor Mode or internal monitoring . Which you can use at any time and change the mode by sending a text message.

Tracker mode

This mode is the one that comes by default in your GPS monitoring system in case you have changed the mode to internal monitoring. And reset text messaging, you just need to send the message ‘tracker123456’ remember the digits 123456 is the factory password. You will then receive a ‘tracker ok’ message confirming that Tracker Mode has been activated .

Internal monitoring

In case you want to activate the internal monitoring or Monitor Mode and listen to everything that is spoken inside the vehicle . You must send the message ‘monitor123456’ immediately you will receive a text message with the following message ‘monitor ok’. This way you will know that the Monitor Mode has been activated.

Other functions you can use in GPS Tracker

The GPS Tracker allows you to make use of other very useful functions to know the general status of both the system and that of your vehicle . For this it will only be necessary that you send the following command ‘check123456’. Then you will receive a text message that will offer you a report on the status of the system and your vehicle at that moment.

Another extra function that you can use with the GPS Tracker system is to receive speed alerts when it exceeds a preset parameter . For example if you want to receive a message when your vehicle exceeds 100 km per hour. You only need to send the following command ‘speed123456 100’.

Time zone

Each country has a time zone and in order to configure the system according to the geographical area where you live, you must know which number corresponds to your country. For example, in the case of living in Mexico, you must send the following message ‘time zone123456 6’, the number 6 corresponds to the time zone of Mexico.

IMEI control

The GPS system will also provide you with an IMEI code to be able to register on the official website . To receive this code, you must send a command with the following message ‘imei123456’. Immediately the system will respond with a text message containing the IMEI message and 15 consecutive digits, this is the code you need to register.

Alarm system

Another way for the GPS to protect your vehicle is through the alarm system and with the command ‘arm123456’ the alarm will be activated. And you will receive a text message with the following response ‘Tracker is activated’ in this way if your vehicle is parked and the doors are open, the alarm will sound and you will receive a message ‘door alarm + lat / lon’.

This alarm will sound every 3 minutes and the same will happen in cases where your vehicle receives a blow or movement is detected by the sensors. The alarm will also be activated when the engine is started or the vehicle’s Ignition Switch is activated .

Common Faults and Solutions to the GPS Tracker 103

Like any electronic system, this one may have faults that prevent us from using it correctly. And therefore it is important that you know what the most common problems are and how you can solve them yourself at any time.

The first one has to do with not receiving responses when sending a message to configure the system. This error or failure can be presented mostly by the use of a wrong command . And not because of system failures, therefore they have to make sure that the command you use is well written and that the spell checker on your mobile has not accidentally changed it.

Another very frequent problem manifests itself when the call is made to the GPS, but for some reason the call is not finished and the message with the location is not received either . This failure is usually due to not having registered the phone number in the GPS, since the system will not answer or allow calls from mobile devices that have not been previously registered.

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