How to easily create and access your Lidl Plus digital card?

Lidl is today one of the largest supermarket franchises that exist, since it provides many benefits to its consumers such as discounts and savings tools. That is why today you will learn how to create and access your Lidl digital card, one of the greatest benefits that this great store offers.

And, the word savings falls short when talking about Lidl, because this is one of the first companies to implement systems that allow its partners and customers to save more than they spend (the philosophy of its card is similar to the of the check made savings Carrefour ).

How to create and access your Lidl digital card?

Now, first of all and for the purposes of this tutorial, the explanation that will allow you to create and access your Lidl digital card will be divided into two, so the first thing you will see today will be how to create this happy savings card.

If you want to achieve that, you have to download the official Lidl application from the PlayStore , and in turn you must also download the app called Lidl Pay. When you already have both, you must enter your data or create an account.

When you already have the account created in Lidl Plus, you have to open your application and go to the section called “My portfolio” , which is located in the lower ribbon of the screen.

Within this section you have to choose “Add new card”, this action will take you to another section where you must enter a debit or credit card that will be associated with your Lidl Plus and Pay account, and from which the funds will be deducted ( the data that will be requested are the card number and the expiration date).

When you have finished placing your card, you will be asked to enter a security code, which will be used when you go to make a purchase, place it and then accept to complete the process.

You must bear in mind that you can only create a Lidl Plus card to associate it with Lidl pay, so choose well which one it will be (so you don’t regret it and want to change it).

How to access your new card!

Now that you have learned the first part of the question How to create and access your Lidl digital card? It is time for you to learn how to access this card directly from the app.

To do this you have to go to said application and press the button called “Digital card “, which is located at the bottom of the screen on the ribbon.

With that you will have reached it and all you have to do to use it is scan the QR code on the Lidl box. And voila, with that last thing you read, you know how to create and access your Lidl digital card easily and simply.

Lidl stores customer service

As you no longer have anything to do here, as a little extra to complement the information you already know about what Lidl Plus is and how it works , today you will also be shown how to contact customer service in case of a problem.

To do this there are three different ways, the first is through the number 900 95 83 11 . The call is free if you are within Spain, and you will be attended between 9 am and 8 pm.

Another way is through a form that you can fill out on its official page, and the last one is through the social networks that the page manages, always citing the @lidlespanaAC brand.

Remember that this attention is to solve problems, such as losing your account password, which you can recover or change as in Carrefour or something happens with your order, so do not play with this help system.


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