How to download Pokedialer on your Android Mobile and iPhone

Video games, anime, movies and Japanese general culture have had a great impact on Western culture since the 1980s. What was initially seen as weird, or even in bad taste, has reached the hearts of most people. Westerners through different types of multimedia material.

How to Download, Install and Use Pokedialer on your Android Mobile and iPhone

This is demonstrated in the generations of the 90’s, which have gotten to be exposed to lots of this material since childhood, which has made many of today’s people have no taboo about watching Japanese animations or being curious about culture, using platforms like Crunchyroll .

This can be demonstrated in the great impact that Pokémon has had, a franchise of different media that has become a commercial colossus since its departure. What began as a simple RPG game for the Game Boy Color , has ended up being a rage among millions of people who enjoy the games, animation and all kinds of merchandise from the franchise. It should be noted that Pokémon is among the games that you can enjoy without an internet connection , which will allow you to play whenever you want.

In fact, it is so famous that it is the second best franchise in terms of sales worldwide, which can be seen in how most people can recognize characters like Pikachu and at least know what the base plot of everything.

The Pokémon merchandise is endless, as you can find phones, cases, shoes, hats, T-shirts and much more from the famous franchise. And in fact, this Pokémon craze has reached such extremes that people have created different mobile apps that you can use to completely change the experience of your phone.

As with Pokedialer, an application specifically to change how your calls look, and, if you don’t know about it, then we are going to tell you a little about the application and how you can download it.

What is Pokedialer?

Pokedialer is an application designed for Android which gives you the option to change the screen from “incoming call ” to a Pokémon battle. It changes the music and gives you different options as to how your calls look on your mobile, which is extremely fun if you are a fan of the franchise.

In addition, the aesthetics that the same application has in how the calls are seen is the same as the first Game Boy Color game , so you will have good retro vibes when using the application. Also, you have the option to change how the battle, the pokemons and the trainers look depending on the contact, so you can’t miss it.

How to download and use Pokedialer?

Pokedialer is a very simple app to download and use, although unfortunately you can only download it for Android devices through the Google Play Store . So, to download it, you need to enter the Play Store , put “Pokedialer” in the search bar and select the first application that appears to select, in turn, the “Download” button.

Now, you just have to wait for the application to download and install properly, and once ready you can enter to allow some permissions of the app. Remember that if you have a Xiaomi device you may have to give the permissions through the device settings in the permissions part.

Now, you just have to customize how the call screen looks on your mobile, since through the “Profile” section in the Pokedialer application you can do everything. Here, you are shown on the screen the option to choose the pokemon that will come out in the battles as yours, what your trainer looks like , what the caller’s coach and his pokemon look like.


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