How to delete duplicate contacts on your Android or iPhone mobile?

If you have a smartphone for sure, you have ever suffered from the evil of repeated contacts, a situation that is quite cumbersome. Don’t worry, you won’t have to manually delete duplicate contacts on Android or iPhone ever again.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on your Android Mobile or iPhone

It is possible that adding contacts to the Android emergency information or even saving contacts to the SIM card , just to name a few examples, contributes to the duplication of schedules.

However, there are many reasons why the contacts in your agenda can be repeated, it is almost always due to failures or actions that we take without realizing it.

In this sense, having repeated contacts is a situation that many users tend to miss, which causes an endless list to accumulate in their agendas.

Either because you don’t have time to clean it or because it is a really tedious job, the truth is that it represents an inconvenience for those who own a smartphone.

In this tutorial we bring you some tips to prevent this evil from invading your phone. But first we teach you how to delete duplicate contacts in the versions of the Android or iPhone operating system .

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  1. Remove duplicate contacts fast and easy
  2. Works in all devices?
  3. Keep your schedule clean

Remove duplicate contacts fast and easy

If the damage is done, and you need to delete all those double contacts saved on your cell phone, no problem. With this application it is fast and super simple .


The almost magical program we are talking about is the “Duplicate contacts”, in Spanish  Duplicate contacts remover”. And it works to delete duplicate contacts on Android or iPhone as well.

On Android, you can find it in the AppStore with an icon that shows a blue contact agenda and a green one with an X covering it. You can also download it directly from the internet.

So, the step by step to suppress repeated contacts is quite simple, here we show you:

  • First we must have the application “Duplicate Contacts Remover” installed.
  • When you run the app, it will immediately begin to analyze our agenda to determine which are the double contacts.
  • It will throw the results in a list and allowus to select the names that we want to keep .
  • We press “Delete” or “Delete” and confirm with “Yes”.
  • And voila, our contact list will be clean of duplicates.

At the end, the application will generate a .vcf file , in which the deleted contacts will be.

If we execute it, we will be able to recover the contacts that we have just deleted, this is insurance in case you delete one by mistake.

Works in all devices?

As you could see, cleaning your contact list is quite simple thanks to the duplicate contact remover, but you must be wondering if you can do it on your cell phone. Yes you can.

This application does not specify any version that limits its operation . Although some users have commented that it needs, on Android , versions higher than 2.3.

In addition, it does not only work on cell phones, you can also install it and clean the contacts on a tablet.

Another recurring question is if it asks for the computer to have root access. No, it does not need to be rooted.

Keep your schedule clean

It is best to avoid, as far as possible, that duplication of contacts occurs.

In other words, you should try to keep your contacts always in the same place. If you decide to save it on the phone directly, in your Gmail address book or on the SIM card, it doesn’t matter. You just have to be consistent and remember to always do it the same.

Update the contact when someone changes their number. We know that when a friend changes their number it is easier to save the new one as “Tal-friend 2” instead of updating.

But do not do it, if the number you had saved no longer has it, delete it! Or replace it, do not accumulate and accumulate useless contacts.

When synchronizing your mail on another device, check the settings, you will not necessarily need to link the contacts from that device.

We hope that with these tricks you will no longer need to delete duplicate contacts on Android or iPhone. Although if so, you can always return to this guide!


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