How to download a video from Instagram Reels on your Android or iPhone phone

Instagram is an application that allows you to upload visual files (images and videos) and share them with your followers. Within the videos that you can upload to your account are those of short duration (between 15 and 30 seconds) called ‘Reels’ . If you want to download one in particular, see the procedures that we present below so that you can do it, whether you have an Android device, iPhone, PC or laptop.

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  1. What is the process to follow to save a video or Reel to your Instagram account?
    1. Where can you see all the saved videos?
  2. What online programs can be used to download Instagram Reels to your gallery?
    1. Video Downloader (Android)
    2. Insaver (iOS)
    3. Installed (PCs)

What is the process to follow to save a video or Reel to your Instagram account?

If you do not want to consume the storage resources of your device to save your favorite Reels , you can do it in the Instagram gallery (which is analogous to storing in the cloud) what you have to do first is go to the account in which the video is found, upload the video in its entirety. Then click on the icon of the ellipsis that is located in the lower left side, a set of options will automatically appear, select the one corresponding to ‘Save’ and that’s it!

Where can you see all the saved videos?

If what you want is to open the Reels that you have saved in your account , you just have to access your Instagram profile and enter the menu that is in the upper left corner that is shaped like 3 horizontal lines and in the pop-up menu at the bottom At the bottom select the ‘Saved’ option and then ‘All posts’, the long videos and images will appear first. You can access the Reels in the icon that has the shape of a clapperboard with an arrow in the middle. The ones you have saved will automatically appear.

What online programs can be used to download Instagram Reels to your gallery?

If what you want is to download reels and not just save it in the gallery, the first thing you should know is that Instagram does not have an option within the application to download these videos, but this does not mean that you cannot do it. To do this, we present the most popular options to do it, depending on the type of device you use.


Video Downloader (Android)

If you use the Android environment on your mobile devices, the first thing you should do is go to the Google Play store and download an APK application such as ‘Video Downloader’. Before opening the app, we will first open the Reel video that we want to download, click on the menu at the top left (3-dot button), then choose the ‘Copy Link’ option.

We open the ‘Video Downloader’ application and click on the ‘Paste’ button, a small window will appear with fragments of the video in question, wait until the video is loaded in its entirety, at the bottom you will see a series of icons, look for the discharge (it has the shape of an arrow pointing downwards). Click on it and it will automatically start downloading.

Insaver (iOS)

If, on the other hand, you are an apple user, ‘Insaver’ is one of the options you have available to download instagram video reels , you just have to install the application from the App store, once you have it, the procedure is quite similar to the one used on Android devices . Access the Reels you want to download, copy the link, then access the ‘Insaver’ application, click the ‘Paste Link’ button, wait for the video to load and then select the ‘download’ button and that’s it!

Installed (PCs)

If you prefer to work from your PC or laptop, downloading Reels is a process similar to  downloading Youtube videos. On the web there are a large number of pages through which you can download the Reels, you just have to access any of them, look for the box for the link and paste it. To copy the link you just have to follow the procedure explained above for Android devices. Click the download button and you can already have the desired Reel video on your computer.




As you may have noticed, the procedure is quite similar regardless of the device you use, so don’t miss the opportunity to save your favorite Reels and thus be able to access them whether or not you have an internet connection.


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