How to download images from Pinterest

If you are one of those who use this application from your mobile, just enter Pinterest with your personal account and password, go to the ‘search’ option or the magnifying glass icon (located in the upper right corner of the app).

Then, you must write in the search engine what you want to see, once it loads, enter the image or video, find and select the three horizontal points and select ‘download’. Now, in the case of users who frequent Pinterest, but from the website, all you have to do is log in without your account or with (as you wish) on the platform, look for the image you want to download, click with your mouse on the three vertical dots and select ‘download’.

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  1. What is the way that Pinterest images can be saved?
    1. Use the boards
    2. Take screenshots
  2. Why doesn’t Pinterest allow images to be downloaded directly from the app?
  3. What should you do to save Pinterest images to your device?

What is the way that Pinterest images can be saved?

If you thought that ‘downloading’ the content you see on Pinterest was the only way to enjoy the images you liked over and over again, there is a much more attractive option, to ‘save’ the images on your mobile device and computer . In fact, you have two quite useful and easy- to-use options , that of taking a screenshot or that of using the content boards offered by the Pinterest application. To use either of these two options, you just have to follow the steps that we leave below to the letter so that you can become an expert in saving images from this app.

Use the boards

To start , you must have a board created on Pinterest , then, just go to the search section, for which you must click on the magnifying glass icon, once you select it, write what you want to search and add to your board ( It can be from DIY tutorials to wallpapers for your mobile or computer), then, click on the image you want to save and select the red button that indicates ‘save’.

Once you press this button, you have the option to save it to a board that you have made previously or to ‘create board’ located at the bottom of the drop-down menu, if you prefer the option to create a new one since none of your boards has the subject of the image you are going to save, just click on that option and select a name, description and visibility (public and secret).

Take screenshots

If you need to quickly save an image from a tutorial or simply from a Wallpaper that you liked, you can use the option to ‘take screenshots’, for this, just enter the Pinterest application with your account and personal password, go to the search option, select the image you want to save on your device, mobile phone or computer, and click on the buttons on your mobile to take a screenshot (usually you need to press the volume up and down button at the same time ), now, if it is from the computer, just press the ‘print screen’ button on your keyboard.

Why doesn’t Pinterest allow images to be downloaded directly from the app?

It is likely that, if it has become impossible to download images from the Pinterest application to your mobile phone, it is due to some failure of your phone (you may not have enough space to save said image) due to a crash in the servers of the app, which makes it difficult for all its functions to function properly, or because you do not have the latest version of Pinterest on your cell phone.

The problem in downloads due to the use of the old versions of Pinterest , is in fact, the most frequent reason that prevents users of this application from using the ‘download’ option correctly, however, for this it is enough If you go directly to the Google Play Store, search for the app and select the option to ‘update’, or, failing that, download an APK of the latest version of Pinterest.

What should you do to save Pinterest images to your device?

You must be a Pinterest user and have a personal account, once you have that requirement, enter the application from your mobile phone and look for the subject of the image you want to save on your device, once you select it, go to the option of the ‘three vertical dots’ and select download image from Pinterest, once you do, the content will be saved in the gallery of your mobile device under the name of ‘pins’.

Now, if you use the computer to search and navigate on Pinterest, all you have to do is find and select the image you want to save on your computer, press the right button of your mouse, choose from the drop-down menu ‘save as’ and select the name and the folder in which you want to save this image.

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