How to install TOR browser on Kali Linux?

To install the ‘Tor’ browser, you must download Kali Linux first, then just go directly to the website of this program and select the option ‘ download for Linux ‘. Once you download it, you must follow an installation process to the letter (which is somewhat cumbersome), along with the configuration process with which you can use Tor as part of the browsers in your tray.

Now is Tor safe? Yes, in fact, it serves to help us hide the trace that we leave in our browser and even protect personal data from ‘hackers’ who can steal it, in addition, if you are at risk of persecution for having entered prohibited sites such as the Deep web, Using this browser will help you stay anonymous, and if that wasn’t enough, it is portable so you can easily use it from any computer as long as you have the program installed on your pendrive.

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  1. What are the advantages of using Tor Browser to browse?
    1. Privacy
    2. Less risk of information theft
  2. What tools does this browser include?
    1. Trackers Blocking
    2. Code online activity
  3. Step by step to install Tor Browser on Kali Linux
    1. Download it like this
    2. Set up

What are the advantages of using Tor Browser to browse?

  • Because it is a private network, it is practically impossible for any organization to shut it down.
  • Using the Tor Browser Software and network is completely free.
  • You can access websites and content with some geographic restrictions.
  • It is easy to download and install on your computer.
  • Block tracking scripts, so no one can access your information.

Using this browser is quite advantageous for its users, however, there are two main advantages that are what make it so popular to navigate in places that are not as safe as the Deep web , one refers to privacy and the other to the low risk of Information theft. Next, we explain the Why? Of both advantages.


Tor hides all the data that is registered on your computer and that could represent a risk if someone steals them, in addition, it prevents them from reaching your IP address information, which would make them locate you faster. For this and more, Tor and its method to hide information through ‘layers’ such as an onion, is so used not only for dangerous sites but for criminal and journalistic investigations, because by hiding all traces of navigation, it allows you to access to information of all kinds totally from anonymity.

Less risk of information theft

Using Tor, for functions such as blocking Scripts that seek to steal your information and that it is a private network that cannot be compromised by any organization, keeps your personal information safe, avoiding identity theft to make purchases and even to commit crimes against your name, also, if you are being persecuted by some highly dangerous ideological organization.

Using Tor will allow you to keep your information as anonymous as possible. However, we recommend installing and using Vpn , along with tor, as hackers could steal personal information from the computer by taking advantage of the browser’s end nodes (which have no security).

What tools does this browser include?

Among Tor tools, there is the blocking of Scripts to prevent pages with the purpose of stealing identity (especially those that are within the Deep web), from accessing your private information by the simple fact of having entered, or , made use of the private information provided on the page, in addition, it protects your IP address so it will be impossible for you to be tracked by illegal organizations that could harm you.

Trackers Blocking

Tor provides its users with the use of integrated tools such as tracker blocking, which is usually found on pages classified as ‘insecure’ and which introduce JavaScript within them in order to access the real information of its users and even reach to track them down to steal, to harass not only them, but their family.

This is a fairly common strategy for pages found on the Deep web, and basically, they all do exactly the same thing, so avoid using normal browsers to access unusual or dangerous information.

Code online activity

Tor gathers all the information of your online activity and saves it on its servers with a technique called ‘onion routing ‘, which is basically the log of your browsing encrypted in layers like an onion. This in order to guarantee the anonymity of its users and protect their data and private information, unlike the routing you have in normal browsers, in which the information goes from your computer to the router and then to the routers of your provider. internet to go to the servers of the page you visited.

Step by step to install Tor Browser on Kali Linux

If you want to download the Tor browser, remember to have previously downloaded Kali Linux , now, you must remember that once you install it, you must take into account accompanying its use together with a fairly good VPN, because if you access pages made up of hackers, they can take advantage of Tor’s weaknesses in its encryption, especially that of the nodes, to get some information from you.Now, to download and configure Tor, just follow these steps:

Download it like this

  1. Go to your trusted browser and find the official Tor page.
  2. Once on the page, choose the device and the software version where you are going to download Tor browser, in this case, Linux.
  3. Select the download location on your computer.
  4. Once downloaded, access the terminal, then run ‘sudo apt dist-upgrade’
  5. Now to install use the command ‘sudo apt-get install tor’.
  6. Once loaded, answer ‘yes’ to confirm.

Set up

  1. To configure the Tor browser to be visible on Kali Linux, go to ‘main menu’
  2. Then choose ‘usual applications’.
  3. Once there, select ‘new item’ and type ‘tor’ in the ‘name’ option
  4. Then go to ‘command’ and put the tor folder path, (it is likely that if you used the ‘graphical’ installation option the address would be “/etc/tor-browser_en-US/start-tor-browser.desktop”)
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