How to activate Super Alexa mode

One of the virtues of the Alexa personal assistant is its conversational ability. Many of its functions are for practical purposes, but others are there simply for fun or a little smile. That is the case of the Super Alexa Mode , an Easter egg that the developers have hidden inside the Amazon assistant.

In essence we can say that it is a nod to lifelong gamers, since in order to activate it we have to apply the famous “Konami code”.

How to activate Super Alexa mode

The Konami code is a very specific script that consists of telling Alexa the following: ” Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start .”

As it is a somewhat convoluted command it is possible that it will not work out the first time, in which case Alexa will warn us indicating that ” Super Alexa mode is super secret, I can only activate it if you tell me the correct code .”

If we are good speakers and say the code first time, then Alexa will respond with a “ Ding, ding, ding! The code is exact, downloading updates ! ” while we hear screams and applause in the background. If this is what it means to be a computer genius, we certainly have a promising future.

At other times Alexa will also give us our ears with other messages such as “ Whoo! Good job! Super Alexa mode activated ”or“ Congratulations, correct exact code ”. Obviously everything stays there, since the Super Alexa mode is nothing more than that, a little joke that has no use beyond what we have just mentioned.

What is the Konami code?

The so-called “Konami code” also known as the “Contra Code” is a trick that could be used in certain Nintendo NES games such as Gradius or Contra, both from the developer Konami.

The cheat was activated by performing a sequence of presses and buttons with the console controller, and in the case of Contra, it helped us to get 30 extra lives in a game that was known for its high level of difficulty. In other games like Gradius this meant getting all the upgrades for our ship from scratch.

Basically it is a code that was implanted there by Konami developers to be used by programmers during the testing of their games, and although at first they forgot to delete it when launching the commercial version, later it was continued using as a wink to the players.

Since then, the Konami code has become an Easter egg that appears in a multitude of games that do not even have anything to do with Konami, such as Bioshock, Tetris or Fortnite, and we can also find it on some internet websites and in other applications such as the own Google Assistant (which, by the way, makes the occasional mention of his great friend Alexa).

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