How to download games for Xbox Series with the console

The vast world of video games increases its quality every day and offers more content and diversity on its entertainment platforms. Different consoles are providing different experiences and are constantly displaying variety of amenities for gamers around the world to enjoy and want to keep playing .

For the benefit of many, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles offer the convenience that users can download or update games even if the console is turned off. An advantage that will undoubtedly help the players and will make the waiting time for downloading the different games much easier and less tedious.

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  1. What should you do so that your console can download video games in the background?
  2. What is the way you should start downloading games for Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and leave it off?

What should you do so that your console can download video games in the background?

Although it is true that the players and followers of the official Xbox brand are very loyal and constant consumers of video games, we must not forget that they all live their day to day and have occupations and tasks to do, so the alternative of being able to download and update games with the console turned off is very helpful.

Regardless of the reason why the person needs the background download feature, you should know that achieving this is not difficult at all . And best of all, this feature is available on both Xbox Series X and S as well as previous versions of Xbox whether it’s Xbox 360 or Xbox One .

For Xbox Series X/S consoles, the procedure to achieve this setting is very simple. To do this you have to enter the main Xbox screen and follow the following steps correctly:

  • Go into ‘my games and apps’.
  • Click on the ‘manage’ option.
  • Go to ‘keep my games and apps up to date’.
  • Activate the options ‘keep my console up to date’ and ‘keep my games and applications up to date’ ( in case they are not activated).
  • Go back to the main menu and enter ‘settings’.
  • Within general settings, click on ‘power mode and startup’.
  • Go to ‘power mode’ and in case you have ‘power saving’ change it to ‘immediate start’.
  • If you have the reactivation and storage optionsactivated, you proceed to deselect them.

After completing all these steps, the console will be able to download and update video games while it is turned off. And if you want to find another alternative to be able to do this function, there is another simple and quite comfortable way to achieve it . To test this option, do the following:

  • Download the Xbox app on the mobile phone.
  • Synchronize the mobile app with the console.
  • Go to the start of the main menu of the console and enter ‘my games and applications’
  • Enter ‘manage’.
  • Click on ‘remote access’.
  • Check the ‘ Enable remote features‘ option .

Once these steps have been completed, it will be possible to download and update video games from the application on the cell phone, even if the console is turned off and the user is several kilometers away. However, it should be noted that the Xbox must be connected to the electrical current while it is turned off, as well as connected to a WiFi network .

What is the way you should start downloading games for Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and leave it off?

When the time has come to have done all the steps explained above and want to start testing this function, what you should do is start downloading a game normally . For this you have to enter ‘my games and applications’ and click on ‘explore in Store’, followed by this search for the game of preference and download it.

Once the download has started, the user has the option to turn off the console. By leaving the console ( as well as the television ) turned off, the video game download will be processed without any problem.

In the case of wanting to download or update remotely, the user can enter the app on their phone and start downloading the game of their choice. This will run immediately if the console is connected to a WiFi network from which we can measure its speed so that the device has better performance.


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