How to download and install Xampp on Windows

Since the advent of electronic equipment such as computers, a whole field was created that is still growing today. Informatics has greatly helped the development of every aspect of our society.

Today, thanks to computers, we can perform all kinds of tasks in a simple and very practical way. In the same way, the use of the internet has revolutionized our world, currently everything has to do with the use of the internet. This combination has allowed us to create wonderful things.

On the other hand, for a computer to function properly it needs programs, which can be executed very easily. These programs are created to perform specific tasks. Currently, many programs are available.

These can be downloaded from the internet in a very easy way. An example of this is Xampp , which is ideal for managing databases .

What is Xampp and how to download it?

One of the tasks that have become indispensable is the creation of web pages , these are the ones we observe when accessing the internet and looking for information. Although we can see that the design of web pages is simple, to create them is a whole process.

In the same way, the programs that we use on a daily basis are created in a specific way to carry out each task. With technological growth, programs have been created that help us carry out this type of task such as pages, this is known as programming.

One of the most used programs in programming is Xampp , as it is one of the best in this area. Today it is one of the most used by beginner programmers.

Thanks to presenting a simple and easy-to-use interface, but with very advanced tools with which you can create wonderful things. If we are starting in the programming area, Xampp is the program we need.

Xampp was developed by Apache Friends, it is a program that is constantly developing and innovating. Bearing in mind that through it it is possible to create a database and it is also compatible with the MySQL database managers which you can use to connect two computers , the Apache web server and for the PHP and Perl programming languages .

One of the advantages of this program is that it is available for multiple platforms, where it can be downloaded very easily and can perform all kinds of tasks. One of the platforms on which Xampp is available and is currently one of the most widely used, is the Microsoft Windows operating system.

In this article, we will learn in an easy and simple way the steps we must follow to download and install Xampp on Windows.

Steps to download Xampp on Windows

If we want to download this great program to our Windows computer, the first thing to do is open our trusted browser. Then, through the search bar we go to the official Xampp page .

We can also write the name “Xampp” in the browser and the main page appears immediately. As soon as we access said platform, the next thing is to choose the operating system , in this case Windows and the download process will automatically begin.

After it finishes, a compressed file will be downloaded  with the Xampp program, now we only have to do its respective installation.

Steps to install Xampp on Windows

Once we have the downloaded program we can install, for this we go to the downloads folder and look for the compressed Xampp file . We right click on it and select the option “Extract” then select Extract here.

The installation program will be extracted, it is a very light program and the installation process is very simple. We double-click on the extracted program and the welcome window will appear, we must click on the «Next» option, that is, «Next».

In the next window we click on «Next» again, choose the location of the file and click on «Next». We disable the option for more information and select «Next».

Automatically, the installation process will start, we must be patient and wait for the process to finish. Once finished we click on the «Finish» option . Ready, we are done.



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