How to disable automatic updates for Google Chrome?

Today we will see how to disable automatic updates for Google Chrome in a simple way on both Windows and Android. This way you prevent updates from running on their own.

Chrome has many interesting functions such as blocking websites or hundreds of extensions to extend all the browser’s features. But it also has constant updates that improve its functionality, security, and features.

However, for different reasons you may not want Chrome to update itself, it is quite common since, depending on your computer and internet connection, automatic updates can become a headache.

However, we recommend that you do, you decide to disable the updates . From time to time you check if a new version is available and update it manually. Since, in these updates we find very important security patches, especially for a browser that we use to visit hundreds of websites.

How to prevent Google from updating automatically

Why would you disable automatic updates? There can be many reasons. For example, having a slow internet connection and ” suffering ” updates can be difficult, especially if they are running at a time when we need all the bandwidth.

Therefore, it is better to leave them disabled and from time to time check them to update Chrome when we see fit. But how do we deactivate them ?

Modify Google Update

  • We are going to press ” Start ” and then type ” Run ” and press enter.
  • Now we are going to write ” gpedit.msc ” without the quotes.
  • A new window will open. We are going to go to ” Action ” and then to ” Add or remove templates “.
  • Next, you will have to find “ GoogleUpdate.adm ” and you will have to select it to add it to the editor.

Disable Google Update

Every so often Google Update runs on our computer to verify the version of Google applications. In general terms, this would be a very positive thing since it is important to keep all the applications that we have installed on our computer updated.

But if what we want is to disable Google Chrome updates, we must do the following:

  • Let’s press ” Start ” or the ” Windows ” key on the keyboard.
  • Now what we must do is go to ” Programs “.
  • Then we go to ” Accessories “.
  • And then to ” System Tools “.
  • Then we go to ” Scheduled Tasks ” and we are going to have to select the ” Google Update ” task and with the right click we delete it.

Turn off automatic Google updates

Avoid updates on Android

  • Open the Play Store app.
  • Click on the three horizontal bars on the left.
  • After this you will have to go down until you find ” Settings “.
  • Once in the Settings section you will have to click on ” Automatically update applications “. You will have three options:
  • Through any network : either with mobile data or Wi-Fi, all apps will be automatically updated. Which means that, if you have mobile data, you can consume them, it is not advisable to leave this option.
  • Only via Wi-Fi : only when we are connected to a Wi-Fi network will the apps be updated.
  • Do not update apps automatically : this is the option you are looking for, applications are never updated. The only way to update them is to enter it from the Play Store and do it manually.

As you can see, it is not difficult at all to quickly learn how to disable automatic updates in Google Chrome on both Windows and Android. But as we mentioned at the beginning, you must bear in mind that by doing so you are also exposing your security.

It is important that you check the updates from time to time and if possible, do them since these are largely intended to improve the security of the browser.


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