How to disable automatic updates in Fire Stick

The Fire Stick is a great solution that Amazon provides for those who want to update their TV; If you have a television with HDMI you can convert it to Smart TV with this device. In addition to the fact that you can update your TV to a more comfortable and easy-to-use interface, this device allows you to use Alexa remote voice command and even a multimedia player.

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  1. How to know the version of the Fire Stick?
  2. Procedure to disable automatic updates
    1. From the system with ADB
    2. Of the applications
  3. Where to manage device applications?
  4. How to manually update the Fire Stick?
  5. For what reasons can the device not be updated?
    1. Lack of internet
    2. No space available

How to know the version of the Fire Stick?

Since the Fire Stick was released it has evolved rapidly, resulting in many versions , each with incredible features like viewing your Android screen on TV ; the best way to find out what the version of your device is is to look up the model or serial number.

To obtain this information you just have to have the device in your hand and locate the data of the same that is on the back. After you have the serial number, you just have to go to your trusted search engine and look for the specifications for that model, it is important to know the details of your Fire Stick.

Procedure to disable automatic updates

Next we will tell you what is the procedure to disable automatic updates on your Fire TV in a simple way ; It is recommended because in this way your device can work quickly, plus you can choose what to update and when to do it.

From the system with ADB

ADB is the acronym for Android Debug Bridge, it consists of establishing a command line at the developer level ; In this way, a connection is established with the Fire Stick’s operating system to deactivate the updates like a professional in 5 steps.

  • Enable ADB on your Fire Stick: To do this you must enter the Fire Stick home screen, go to settings, select the device and turn on the developer options.
  • Have the IP address of your Fire Stick: To have the IP address you must go to the home screen , settings and select the device; then select About and the Network option, the number will appear on the right of your screen.
  • Install ADB on your computer: If you don’t have it installed yet, the process is very simple; You just have to locate an ADB installer on the web for the operating system you have and perform the installation, it will only take a few minutes.
  • Start ADB on the computer:After installing, you just have to start the program; on Windows you must start the cmd and on Mac you must use the terminal. In the command window you must write the following lines : adb kill-server, adb start-server, adb connect IP address of the Fire Stick. (After each command line press the enter key; in the IP address include the numbers and dots as shown on the screen)
  • Disable the updates:Within the command window you must write: “adb Shell pm hide”, then press the enter key and the updates of your Fire Stick will be disabled. On the other hand, to re-enable the updates you can do a factory reset from your computer .

Of the applications

To disable automatic application updates you must follow these steps: first, on the home screen you must select settings. Then, locate the applications option. Within applications you must go to the AppStore. Among its first options is the option of automatic updates , you must select off or deactivate.

With these 4 steps you will be able to deactivate the automatic updates of the applications ; If you want to manually update an application, you just have to go to the configuration and carry out the process individually.

Where to manage device applications?

Managing the applications of the device allows you to grant permissions for each one of them ; This means that you will be in total control of each app that is installed, giving you freedom as a user.

As always you must be on the home screen and select settings. Then you locate the applications option; when you are in it you must locate manage applications. A list with all the applications that you have on your device will be broken down and you will be able to select which are the permissions that each one of them will have .

How to manually update the Fire Stick?

It is important that to follow these steps the control of your device is in perfect condition, if it presents a fault you should not worry, you can solve any problem with your control or control easily .

With everything in perfect condition, you just have to follow these steps: Go to the home screen. Select My Fire TV. Locate the About option. You must select Check for System Updates. In this option all the available updates will appear and you will be able to select the ones that are of your preference .

For what reasons can the device not be updated?

If your device gives you problems when performing manual updates and does not update, these may be some reasons:

Lack of internet

You must check that the network connection is working correctly. In case of any failure, we recommend you restart the device that provides you with internet and check the connection again; with a good network device updates will be fully available.

No space available

This is one of the most common causes, remember that each application occupies a space within the device , in addition to the data and programs that are stored. Many updates require a specific free space to be downloaded, you must be aware of always having some free GB on your device to avoid these problems.


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