How to delete my Instagram account?

A complete guide to learn how to delete my Instagram account forever in simple steps, when you want to get rid of this social network and you don’t know how to do it, we will teach you how to do it.


Instagram can be a fun application that we are always there for the people we follow and our followers, you must be an outgoing person to tell the world about your life, portray each moment or generate daily videos telling about your life, hobby or work.

Many times users go through difficult moments or simply get tired of having to publish it on their social networks every day because this is not for everyone, sometimes we may think that we would like an application and it ends up surprising that it is not what we expected.

Deleting the Instagram account is definitely a decision that you must make, think about it and then know if you really want to get rid of it, since many users prefer to uninstall the application for a while and then come back when they consider it necessary.

How to delete my Instagram account?

  1. We enter our Instagram account on our mobile device.
  2. Inside we will go to “Profile” to find the configuration we are looking for.
  3. In the upper right part of our application we see 3 horizontal lines that symbolize the main menu of the application.
  4. When we click on it, a menu appears that unfolds towards the middle of the screen of our device.
  5. In this menu we will look for the “Configuration” option where a new options tab will be displayed.
  6. We will see that unfortunately we do not have the option to delete an account from our mobile application.

Open Instagram session from web browser

  1. Important: Enter a secure web browser for our computer.
  2. Inside it, we will look for the page and we will enter it. If for some reason you cannot enter, you can download Instagram on your PC.
  3. When entering, we will be asked to log in, we will enter our username or e-mail or telephone and password of the profile that we want to delete.
  4. Another option is to log in with Facebook , if we have the account that we are going to delete linked to Facebook then we can use this option.
  5. When we enter our profile from the web browser. Important: They can access the browser from their mobile device, they do not need to use a computer.
  6. When entering the Instagram profile, we will look for where a gear icon appears right in the lower left corner of the screen and we will click.
  7. The menu will be displayed as a new screen within the website and we will find more options to configure settings within the social network but we will search for “Edit Profile” .
  8. Just below this new page we will find the option “Temporarily disable my account” where by clicking we will find that we can suspend the Instagram account indefinitely.

There are methods to permanently delete Instagram and it is done from the support of the same application, asking for a “special permission” to permanently delete your account, it is the safest. Applications are dedicated to permanently eliminating them but it is not reliable to provide data to other applications that can doubtfully achieve this for you. You can also simply remove those who do not follow you on instagram or unfollow other accounts that you do not want to see your profile.

If you still do not enjoy this application, we invite you to download it for free by entering the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOs. Among the current social networks, Instagram is at the top, leaving almost below Facebook, which for many years was on the throne of this podium.

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