How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently

Can I delete a business or business account on Instagram ? How can I delete my business account on Instagram? Will my business or business account be deleted forever?

Instagram is one of the best platforms or social networks of the last decade, just like Facebook. Through Instagram you can monetize or market through different options, including creating a business or commercial account.

Creating an Instagram profile for companies is extremely simple and presents multiple benefits, for all those people who want their company, business or undertaking to have a digital presence.

However, on some occasions, the need to delete a business or commercial account from this platform may arise for different reasons. So today at miracomosehace we teach you step by step how to delete or delete your business account on Instagram.

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  1. What are the most common reasons someone would want to delete your Instagram account?
    1. Closure of the company
    2. Account abandonment
    3. Digital marketing reasons
  2. Steps to permanently delete company account
    1. From the website
    2. From Android
    3. From iPhone
  3. How can I disable my account temporarily
  4. How can I delete an Instagram account that is not mine?

What are the most common reasons someone would want to delete your Instagram account?

There are several advantages and disadvantages of Instagram for companies , although many times it supposes numerous advantages for all those people who want their businesses to grow, in some cases it is necessary to delete or delete a company or commercial account on the Instagram platform forever.

Among the reasons or reasons that exist to delete or delete your Instagram account forever, are the following:

Closure of the company

This may be one of the most recurring reasons, since in the event that your company or brand decides to stop providing its services, it does not make much sense to maintain a profile on Instagram.

Account abandonment

If your company or brand has not published on Instagram for months, but you want to activate it again, making a new publication will not look very good, so deleting or deleting the account from 0 to return with more power is quite useful and recommended .

Digital marketing reasons

In case your company plans to reinvent itself, apply new digital marketing strategies and create a new approach from scratch, deleting your company account on Instagram is necessary. This is an excellent option for the company or brand to completely disengage from its previous approach.

Steps to permanently delete company account

If you want to delete your business or commercial Instagram account forever, without the possibility of reactivate it at some point in the future, Instagram also allows you this option.

From the website

To do this, you must log into your business or commercial account on Instagram from a PC.

Then you must press “Edit profile” , in the options menu that appear on the screen you must click on the option “Permanently delete account”, Instagram will request an explanation or reason to leave its platform, you must select any of the automatic options or fill out a form.

Finally, you only have to enter the password of your business or commercial account and in this way you will have deleted your Instagram account forever.

From Android

From the Instagram application that you have installed on your mobile device, it will be impossible to carry out the operation to delete your account. So it will be necessary for you to enter the browser you use frequently and enter the following address .

But it is important that before doing this step, you save everything you want to keep, such as your stories, photos, and videos . Since once you delete your account, all this data will be lost. Once you enter the page in question you must enter your username and password. This in order to start your session.

The next step is to select the option of the reason why you want to delete your account and finally you just have to click on the option ‘ Permanently delete account ‘. In this way you have confirmed your decision and now you will have between 30 to 90 days for your information to disappear completely.

From iPhone

If you have an iPhone device, you will have the same limitations as Android devices. Since the Instagram application does not allow you to delete your account from there, therefore you must enter from the browser that you use frequently to the following address /.

Once you are on this page, start your session by entering your username and password, now you will have a menu on the screen with different options. They describe the reasons why you want to delete the account. Choose the one that suits your situation and finally click on the ‘ Permanently delete account ‘ button .

And in this way you have deleted your Instagram account from an iPhone , but it is important that it is the same as on Android devices. Keep the information you want to keep otherwise you will lose everything.

How can I disable my account temporarily

Having a business or business account on Instagram can allow you to easily earn money without being an influencer, since you can easily market or sell, however if you want to delete or delete your business account on Instagram you can do it temporarily in case at some point you want to reactivate it.

To delete your business or commercial account on Instagram you must log into it as usual, entering your username and password.

Then you must enter the “Edit profile” section , in this you will find various options among which you must select and press “Temporarily disable my business account”.

A message from the platform will appear on the Instagram screen requesting a reason or reason to cancel your account, you can select one of the automatic reasons or fill out a form.

To finish, you just have to enter the password of your company or commercial account and in this way you will have temporarily eliminated it in case you want to reactivate it at some point.

How can I delete an Instagram account that is not mine?

You may want to delete an Instagram account that is not yours for various reasons, the most common of which is that they use your information or photos in their posts. Therefore, the best way you can use to close this fake Instagram account is through a complaint.

But for this to be able to generate a faster result it is necessary that you have the help of your friends. In this way, the more people are reporting this false account , the more likely you will have that account will be closed as soon as possible.


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