How to delete Google voice history

One of the most used tools of the American company, Google, is its assistant. Voice search activity is stored and can also be deleted.There are users who, due to the issue of privacy, prefer to delete their voice search history, but in some cases they do not know how to do it.The Google Assistant enables Android users to navigate and search by voice. These activities are recorded and this is not always to everyone’s liking.

Just as it is possible to manually enable and disable the voice search function with Google, the voice activity history can also be completely deleted .In case you have been using the Google Assistant for a long time and you want to delete all the activity you have had, what you should do is follow the steps that will be explained below:

Steps to delete Google voice search history

To delete the voice search history you will have to do it from a PC. When you are in front of the computer, what you will do is enter the following address: must make sure that the Gmail account that is started is the one associated with the Google Home account. After this you will enter “Web and application activity” and select the Activity management option.

You will download a bit from that page and click on “Filter by date and product”. After this you are going to mark the Voice and Audio function in the list of Google products and click on Apply.

Once this is done, you will be able to view a list of all the voice commands that you have used and an “X” icon appears to one side to remove the ones you want from the history.

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