How to recover password with the help of a friend in iOS 15

The iOS 15 version for iPhone will allow the user to recover the password with the help of a friend or family member.The latest update to the iPhone operating system wants its users to have the ability to access their password with the help of someone they trust.iOS 15 will arrive in September of this year and one of its main novelties will be a new way to recover the Apple ID.Everyone at some point will have forgotten their iPhone ID, that is why now the iOS 15 operating system will include a new way to recover the password in case the user forgets it.

Surely on several occasions you have forgotten your Apple ID because you do not use it frequently or because perhaps you have only entered it once and surely you have forgotten the place where you have it written down.

Forgetting your Apple ID can become a problem, because when a user fails 3 times when trying to enter the password, Apple will automatically block access to the account.

When that happens it is necessary to contact Apple support to gain access to the account again. But now with iOS 15 a feature called Account Recovery will be included .

How to recover password with the help of a friend in iOS 15

This function will allow the user to call a trusted family member or friend to grant a special code that will have to be received to unlock the account and thus reset the password.

To add a trusted contact you need to go to the iPhone settings and then you are going to touch on your name to access the account, then select “password and security”, then the option “add recovery contacts”.

Something to keep in mind is that adding a contact requires some requirements. The first is that you must be over 13 years old and have an iPhone, with an Android it does not work.

It is recommended that you select people you trust here because this could become a problem in the future if you add someone with whom you will not have contact later.


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