How to delete a slide in PowerPoint

You are taking your first steps on PowerPoint , the famous Microsoft Office suite program for making presentations: in fact, you think that in the economy of your work it could be particularly useful to acquire the appropriate knowledge on its functioning, and I can only give you some reason.

However, in your learning journey, you are having understandable initial difficulties in performing some basic operations. In particular, you have not yet understood how to delete a slide in PowerPoint : you need to delete one (or more than one) that you consider superfluous, but you cannot identify its functionality among the tools made available by the software. Do not worry, for this type of need you know that you can always rely on me: you just need to dedicate only a few minutes of your precious free time to reading the next paragraphs to realize how to perform this simple operation in a few steps.

Also keep in mind that in the writing of this article I considered both the versions for PC and those for mobile devices, in order to facilitate you and offer you the correct solution to your problem, whatever the device you use. How do you say? Is this exactly what you needed? Perfect! Now, however, get comfortable and relax and you will see that it won’t take long to overcome even this small obstacle. At this point, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and, above all, good work!


  • How to delete a slide in PowerPoint from PC
  • How to delete a slide in PowerPoint from mobile
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How to delete a slide in PowerPoint from PC

If you are making a presentation using the famous Office package program (by the way, in this guide you can find several tips on how to make it more interesting and effective) and you are looking for instructions on how to delete a slide in PowerPoint from your PC , consider that the procedure that I am about to show you applies both to the software installed on Windows and macOS operating systems , and to the relative online version of PowerPoint .

After starting PowerPoint on your computer in the preferred mode and opening the PPT or PPTX file you want to edit, first locate the slide preview panel , located to the left of the program interface, where you can find the slides that make up the presentation arranged vertically.

If you don’t see it, you’ve probably reduced its size to make the main screen showing the current slide more visible. In this case you should find the presence, at the top left, of the Preview item : at this point, to restore the original display, position the cursor on the vertical line to its right and, as soon as the latter takes on the appearance of an arrow with two spikes , hold down the left mouse button and move it to the right. This way you can expand it as you like, up to the maximum size allowed.

If, following this last operation, on the aforementioned panel you see nothing but the title of the presentation, press on the small arrow located to its left to expand the list of slides as well.

Now, to delete one, click with the right mouse button on the respective thumbnail , then select the Delete slide item from the context menu that appears and you’re done. Alternatively, if you prefer to use the keyboard, after selecting the preview by pressing, press the Delete key (or backspace on Apple computers).

If you want to delete more than one, instead, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the preview of all those you want to select, then repeat the operation described in the previous paragraph. If you delete the wrong one, fear not: just press the combination Ctrl + Z (or cmd + z on macOS) to undo the last operation.

How to delete a slide in PowerPoint from mobile

If you are working on the slides of your next presentation from your smartphone or tablet and, therefore, would like to learn how to delete a slide in PowerPoint from mobile , the ways to do this are just as simple, but vary slightly depending on the operating system on the device. : for this reason I have created dedicated chapters for Android and iPhone .


Once you have started the PowerPoint or Office app on your Android device by pressing on its icon, first open the document you want to edit, then double tap on any slide to enter edit mode .

At the bottom of the screen you will find the panel with the previews, unless you have rotated your device to use the app horizontally: in this specific case, in fact, the aforementioned box is loaded on the left.

At this point, you simply have to tap on the slide you want to delete to select it, then you need to press on it again. You will see a context menu appear just above the slide in question and you will only have to touch the Delete item to perform the operation.

Unfortunately, on mobile devices, it is not possible to perform a multiple selection , so it is necessary to repeat the operation for every single slide you want to delete.

How do you say? Did you delete the wrong slide? No problem: to go back just press the button with the curved arrow symbol , whose tip points to the left. The latter, in the version of PowerPoint for smartphones, is present both in the toolbar at the bottom, precisely on the right, and in the one at the top, just below the title of the presentation, always on the right.

If you use a tablet , however, you should know that the latter follows in many respects the interface of the computer program: the aforementioned functionality to undo the last operation, in this case, is located only in the set of tools to the right of the title (specifically, this is the penultimate icon).


If you are using an iPhone to process your presentation on PowerPoint or in the Office app , as anticipated in the introduction of this part of the guide, the procedure is slightly different: once the document is opened, in fact, to enter editing mode it is necessary to do tap on any slide and press the Edit option from the contextually proposed menu.

On the next screen, the panel with the slide preview will be shown at the bottom: at this point, tap on the thumbnail of the slide you want to delete, then press a second time on it and press the Delete item from the selection menu rapid that is proposed to you.

In some circumstances, particularly if you have rotated the device and are using the app in landscape mode with the thumbnail panel on the left of the interface, the Delete option may not be immediately visible: in this case, press the white arrow to the right of the menu in question to scroll through the other options present and locate the one just mentioned.

As with the Android app, even on iPhone and iPad it is not possible to select multiple slides at the same time, so you must do the operation for every single slide you want to remove.

Even in this case, however, you can safely retrace your steps in the event that you have deleted the wrong slide: just press on the symbol of the curved arrow , whose tip points to the left, which you can easily identify both on the right of the toolbar located at the bottom, than in the feature set located at the top.

I sincerely hope I have helped make your job easier with this guide of mine. If this is the case and you appreciated my help, in this case I think you will find the other tutorials I made just as useful and interesting, focused on the various features offered by this precious Office suite program.

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