How to deal with guilt

Many women suffer for years with the problem of how to deal with guilt. Some are not even aware of what is happening and few take the right measures to resolve it. So follow me to the end to find out if it may be happening to you and how to resolve this issue.

Today I’m going to talk about how to deal with the feeling of guilt , that’s right, the ” feeling of guilt ” that is present at various times in our lives. I can even leave you relieved, it doesn’t just happen to you and it happens much more often than you think. The difference is that there are women who sink into this feeling and others do not.

You may have already told yourself:

“If I hadn’t bought that black dress it wouldn’t have happened.”
“If I had paid more attention to him, this would not have happened.”
“If I had children it wouldn’t have happened.”
“If I had organized the house, this would not have happened.”
“If I did that, it wouldn’t have happened.”

Guilt is not always bad, as remorse or regret promotes changes in behavior and empathy. However, when this feeling is not beneficial, it generates a deep sadness and shame, which can become something cyclical.

The mind activates worry, a huge feeling of remorse that, to many, seems like a mixture of nausea and a sense of regret –  making it a very painful process. Have you been through this? Or have you seen it on someone else’s face? I’m sure yes.

It is natural for many to feel guilty quite often, it has already happened to me and quite possibly it has already happened to you.

There are two paths. There is the negative side, which we have just commented, and the other side, which, despite being contrary to common belief, can show how to deal with and face life. So the guilt can be healthy, but depending on the dosage it can also be destructive.

But the message I want to leave with this video below is that it may not be your fault. Take a look at what I recorded especially for you.

The feeling of guilt can make you emotionally unbalanced, upset and can even destroy your self-esteem . All of this can generate bad thoughts that can affect practically every physical and mental mechanism in your body. Often you even change the way you speak or act and in some situations it can become a terrible problem that haunts your life and drains your energy.

After a significantly frightening, shameful, painful event, a fear, a trauma, a big mistake or whatever has hurt you, the brain automatically starts a repetitive cycle of thoughts, in which you cannot forget, you go over uncontrollably. . It is important to be careful what you say to yourself when you are having difficulties. You have to have an internal conversation as if you are talking to a friend who is having problems.

You can walk forward or stay in the same place as always. Only you can change that, live a fuller and more resolved life. Only you have to want to change. Only depends on you.

This can give you more strength to survive and win! What you say to yourself repeatedly is ingrained in your mind and can have enormous effects on your actions, making you a better, more aware, smarter and more experienced person avoiding future mistakes.

How to deal with guilt?

Forgive yourself and learn from mistakes . Remember that it is not always your fault, and if possible do not look for culprits, but solutions.

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